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11-13-18 11:52:44 AM

Jul - Craziness Domain - Oddly fascinating websites (and net art) New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 01-26-18 10:59:44 PM Link | Quote
Like a mix of the Oddly Fascinating Games and Old Sites thread.

We post weird-but-cool websites that are either still up or were up once, either/or. Sites that give off a weird vibe but you can't help but keep coming back.

I'll start:

- Superbad
- Rsub
- TANE (needs flash, has sound)
- Ishkur's Electronic Music Guide
- Cameron's World

Feel free to also put in weird Flash animations or videos here as well. I won't complain.

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Posted on 01-27-18 01:29:11 AM Link | Quote
Sonic 3 Unlocked is a daily blog about how weird the game is, with a huge focus on its internal guts and all the weird ways it ticks

Jul is some weird forum full of strange peopl— err, wait

DoomWiki is a fun place full of more in-depth explanation of how fucked up everything is
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Posted on 01-27-18 02:08:49 AM Link | Quote
Here are a few. Those marked with 🔊 have autoplaying sound
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Posted on 01-27-18 06:55:59 PM Link | Quote
SADX Sins - Everything you wanted to know about differences between Sonic Adventure and the ports. Or as someone once said on Twitter, "how to win SA1 vs. SADX arguments".

KRNL386 Blog - Mostly covers the evolution of Windows 1.x, starting from the origins. The level of detail this goes into is something you wouldn't expect; this is likely the most detailed covering out there (for what's been done). Too bad it's fairly slow on updates.

GamingHell This is a pretty cool website featuring lil fun reviews of obscure (and not so obscure) games. Also double counts as a retro website.

SR "drama tracker" well yeah this is fun to look at I guess

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Jul - Craziness Domain - Oddly fascinating websites (and net art) New poll - New thread - New reply

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