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10-24-18 12:49:37 AM

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Posted on 01-30-18 02:21:03 AM (last edited by Rambly at 01-30-18 02:34:42 AM) Link | Quote
ummm the last time i traveled was just going back to missouri to visit my parents. not super exciting, but it was kinda weird being there compared to denver. it's striking how much more lush everything is (it's so green!!) and how thick and fresh and breathable the air is. pretty much everything else about denver is better though soooooooo yeah (it also made me realize how much of an accent everyone there has. like, i didn't even realize how much twang there was in peoples' accents back home until i spent some time away)

i haven't really done nearly as much traveling as i'd like to. i'd like to visit more interesting places, someday, but it's expensive and neither my girlfriend or my family have ever really liked traveling. i haven't even been to the rockies!!! i'd love to go, i bet they're really pretty! obviously i'd like to visit my family again someday, but i'd also realllly like to visit a lot of my internet friends and do fun/cool stuff with them.

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Posted on 01-30-18 03:26:53 AM Link | Quote
I'm pretty happy with the amount of traveling I get to do nowadays; Aside from conventions in San Jose and Sacramento, I've been out-of-state once to visit home for the holidays and out-of-country in October 2016 on a two-week cruise through the Panama Canal.

Most recently though, it was Sacramento. Didn't have as good of a time there as I really wanted, but at least the hotel Acey and I stay in has a delicious (if somewhat arbitrary) continental breakfast.

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Posted on 01-30-18 03:32:35 AM Link | Quote
I do not travel.

I have no possible travel buddies.

Nor any real free time.
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Posted on 02-04-18 12:24:06 PM Link | Quote
So, does anyone here have experiences with lowcost/student travel? I have tried hitchiking for the first time recently and while it was very exhausting, it was a great experience. I really want to travel more and I don't really have many other options, but I really like how it gets you more among the people, which is maybe more interesting here in Europe, where everybody has his own very different culture.
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Posted on 02-08-18 01:39:17 PM Link | Quote
Travel has historically been only holidays with the family, which were either to Germany or France. That's about it? The last few years have been shorter and with just my brother, once to London and once in the general direction of Hamburg. I think I'm the least traveling person in this house.

I'd like to see bits of scandinavia at some point though.

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Posted on 02-08-18 03:39:06 PM Link | Quote
I haven't been out of my state in a few years but it'd be nice to visit somewhere else. Yep, I'm yet another Missourian but since I don't have any friends in this state traveling is out of the question for now.
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Jul - General Chat - The Travel Thread New poll - New thread - New reply

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