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09-22-18 09:28:11 AM

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Posted on 01-23-18 01:19:33 PM Link | Quote
I used to play this quite a fair bit during my secondary school years, then I kinda lost interest.

There are a lot of interesting mechanics, but (and this is speaking from the version I played years ago) the game sort of lack any good way of learning it. I don't mind playing roguelikes or roguelites, but the problem I faced here was that I just constantly needed to look up special enemies on a wiki to see what they did. Because I don't know about anyone else, but dying to named foes that I have no idea how they worked isn't very fun. Likewise the game throws a lot of curve balls with introducing a lot of new areas that each have their own difficulties you need to consider.

Realistically I never got anywhere at all in the game, despite having played quite many hours. My best runs went about as far as the depth where you can enter the Maze. (Which I also went into once or twice). There is also a crap ton of starting character options, and you can realistically beat the game with almost any combination. But it was a hard time to get into when you have no clue what's even good. It's kinda why I like more modern design paradigms of titles such as FTL, where you unlock more customization options at the start the more you have played (and the more experienced you are). (I know, different genre, but relevant).
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Jul - Gaming - Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup New poll - New thread - New reply

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