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11-19-18 02:01:20 AM

Jul - Craziness Domain - The sun just rose and I haven't slept New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 01-23-18 06:16:26 PM Link | Quote
I've got about 32 hours without sleep. It was a bus trip with family, and I had the brilliant idea of us leaving at 11PM.

So we're all up that day, and naturally nobody sleeps on the bus. We show up in Vancouver at 4:30am and now we have to kill time (with our backpacks) until we can check into our hotels at 3. It was a "fun" trip to the aquarium!

To top it off, when we finally into the room so we can crash for a couple hours, somebody pulls the fire alarm.

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Posted on 01-23-18 06:49:09 PM Link | Quote
The longest I've been awake is like 25 or 26 hours just trying to fix my sleep schedule and I was basically a narcoleptic by that point. 30+ hours sounds absolutely ridiculous and impossible and terrible and like it'd prolly kill me.

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Posted on 01-24-18 02:37:03 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Kak
who's saying we avoid sleep

what about staying up awake way more than the norm (5/6 AM). and then you end up sleeping until 12PM

not that it happened to me. nope

You mean my normal sleep schedule?
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Posted on 01-24-18 06:01:52 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Halian
You mean my normal sleep schedule?
Well, as long as you're not doing anything in the morning it can't be too bad.
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Posted on 01-24-18 04:39:55 PM (last edited by Sanqui at 01-24-18 04:42:54 PM) Link | Quote
So it was 3:30, past the 43 hour mark, and I was just not getting the presentation done. I started feeling horrible because I just couldn't figure out what methods to use and thought I'm going to spend hours over it. I was also feeling like really shit, but not sleepy. I also started feeling like I'm having a bit of a difficulty breathing. I could've pressed on, but I spoke with a friend and got persuaded to drop it. Especially since I kept being reminded how people die after not sleeping for two nights... I guess I got sorta scared because I knew I had to be awake until the evening the next day as well.

So I set an alarm for 9:40, or in six hours, and slept. I was disappointed with myself but figured I'd tell the teacher I thoroughly apologize and would do it next week.
I woke up at some point and checked my phone, it was 1 minute before the alarm would ring. I got up and immediately started feeling bad that I didn't at least give myself an hour in the morning, since I felt like I could get the presentation done in this state. I actually did sit down and do 30 minutes' worth of work, before leaving for the class. I arrived late and the teacher was luckily presenting something on his own. So I sat down, ignored him and continued working. At some point the other person presenting today went. I did some of the most fundamental things left and was done pretty much right on time for me to start presenting. It was sketchy with slight blunders but I actually said a lot of details aloud that were missing from the presentation because I'm familiar with the topic. I answered all the questions and it went basically perfect.

So this is the story of how I never fucking learn my lesson because things always work out somehow. I wish I got burned sometimes tbh.
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Posted on 01-24-18 04:52:37 PM Link | Quote
Well, I'm glad that things worked out without you feeling more than a bit shitty. I'm also glad you did get some sleep in the end. It sounds like. You pretty much had to.

I dunno, difficulty breathing sounds a little like being burned, mate.
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Jul - Craziness Domain - The sun just rose and I haven't slept New poll - New thread - New reply

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