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02-20-18 08:28:06 PM

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Posted on 01-20-18 01:06:20 AM (last edited by Tiden at 01-20-18 01:06:38 AM) Link | Quote
Most of what I've done lately is make various renders in Blender. These vary wildly in quality, as you'll probably notice pretty quickly:

Sometimes I program stuff with Racket, a derivative of the Scheme programming language. Heck, the thumbnails in this post were created with Racket. Also the HTML used to make all the images above clickable.

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Posted on 01-20-18 01:45:59 AM Link | Quote
yo haze green and construct are real dope
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Posted on 01-20-18 02:50:51 AM Link | Quote
Oh man, I like that purple thing with the light… in it? Pink Artifact? And the swirly blue thing (uuhhhh 'hecking_tapet_2')

Bettergem is pretty awesome too.
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Posted on 01-20-18 04:25:18 PM Link | Quote
there are really cool!!!

some years ago i used to play a bit with pov-ray to try and make pretty wallpapers like these
not much came out of it and the long render times made me drop it pretty easily

maybe i should try playing with blender for that some time

That guy who worldbuilds
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Posted on 01-22-18 11:20:47 PM Link | Quote
God I wish I could 3DCG half as well as this

Star Mario
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Posted on 02-02-18 02:15:14 PM Link | Quote
I'm just gonna set up the glowing blue blocks as my desktop background if you don't mind...

gg photobucket
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Posted on 02-02-18 02:23:14 PM Link | Quote
these are some pretty good material for desktop backgrounds

nice work

I never dealt with Blender or 3D modeling so I'll take your own word on the 'varying quality', I guess
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