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05-20-18 03:46:53 PM

Jul - Entertainment - Music streaming services? New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 01-19-18 03:12:13 AM Link | Quote
It seems more and more like people are moving to ~the cloud~ for their audio needs; Pandora was an old favorite, but it seems more like Spotify has taken up the favored option. Do you use any of these?

I used to rarely use Spotify for calm tracks, but I don't like the big bulky interface at all, and it wasn't really good for finding new things; the concept of all these "playlists" didn't really fit what I was looking for. Pandora used to be good, but the musical selection outside of mainstream things seems to be lacking.

So mostly what I do is just listen to my immense video game music collection in foobar2k Welp.
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Posted on 01-19-18 03:51:52 AM Link | Quote
We have an Apple Music account that comes with our mobile phone service, but to be honest I'd prefer Spotify. If you think new music discovery is hard on Spotify, oh man… it's so much worse on Apple Music.
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Posted on 01-19-18 03:57:00 AM Link | Quote
Nah, although I was invited to join my friends' fictional Spotify family I didn't because I wouldn't use the service. I have my own music collection and half of it is stuff like VGM that wouldn't be found there anyway. Outside of that I listen to YouTube or Rainwave.

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Posted on 01-19-18 05:36:30 AM (last edited by Lunaria at 01-19-18 11:29:52 AM) Link | Quote
I found the Rainwave radio station through one of your streams X, so that's basically the main music streaming service I use. A lot of the time I just play music I have locally, because I have pretty darn big library at this point.

I will admit that some times I just listen on music directly from youtube too, which is kinda bad because youtube is terrible at that sort of thing. <.<
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Posted on 01-19-18 09:14:57 AM Link | Quote
Surprisingly, I haven't really used any. If I'm at work, I usually just find an album/song/mix on YouTube and stick it on loop. The rest of the time, I'm just listening to whatever is stored on my hard-drive/phone. I've recently started looking at Bandcamp and found a few cool things.
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Posted on 01-19-18 10:56:13 AM Link | Quote
Ah yes, I was quite fond of listening to Homestuck stuff on Bandcamp for many years at work.

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Posted on 01-19-18 11:12:01 AM Link | Quote
I actually forgot about Rainwave, which is kind of funny considering that I have a bookmark for it right in front of me

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Posted on 01-20-18 12:53:13 PM Link | Quote
Only things I really use to "stream" music are Bandcamp (very rarely) and Youtube. My musical tastes are very different from most peoples' and I likely wouldn't get much use out of any real streaming services anyway. Most of the time I just play music off my laptop/desktop or from CD's and cassettes if I'm on the go.
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Posted on 01-20-18 01:06:48 PM (last edited by hydra-calm at 01-20-18 04:28:09 PM) Link | Quote
I have a strong, strong distrust of services like Spotify -- I've never used Spotify, and probably never will. I do use (and buy from) Bandcamp, and youtube is a pretty good resource if you want to try something specific you found before you get it (channels like Name Less, bigfish0802, Vincent Glandier, Mors Mea, Voodoo Moon and so on are super useful too, the first is how I found Aught). I used to use tons, but once they killed proper streaming and put nagbars everywhere, I gave up. I came back with better filtering for a little, but most of what they recommended I already had. I pretty much just use RateYourMusic, ResidentAdvisor (sparingly), and Discogs to find things now. It's more work, but it prevents me from going down the solipsistic hole of narrowing taste I found myself in before...

Soundcloud's also become a pretty good resource now that I have an idea what to look for. Lots of artists I enjoy will post mixes there -- C3Deee, Malibu, etc... They also end up with new releases much faster than YT sometimes.

Edit: Was originally going to link this article on Spotify, but forgot while I was typing. Gives a pretty good overview of why I dislike it.

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Posted on 01-22-18 11:06:51 PM Link | Quote
I used to use YouTube almost exclusively for music; that honor now belongs to Spotify, with YouTube used for those songs that aren't on Spotify.
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Posted on 01-23-18 07:54:46 AM Link | Quote
I don't think I've used anything involving streaming at all? I've waded through the shitshow that is used Itunes a couple of times to buy music though. Nowadays I more often get physical albums of whatever, which I then rip. Although I don't use the CDs themselves much, I do like having them around.
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Posted on 01-24-18 01:18:22 AM Link | Quote
I'm on my family's Spotify (aptly named) Family Plan, but I resubbed to Google Play Music today because Spotify's Android app hates playback over my car. Their latest update broke the track controls I have on my steering wheel. Meanwhile GPM has shuffle/repeat buttons along with a full library browser on my car stereo, so...
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Posted on 01-24-18 03:20:26 AM (last edited by maple at 01-24-18 03:21:19 AM) Link | Quote
come to think of it i hardly ever listen to music on purpose?

if i do i'm usually tuned to soma fm's underground 80s webradio

or i look up a specific track on youtube

i used to daily a minidisc player for my commutes but since getting a better 4g plan i switched to just listening to underground 80s on the go too (64k aac uses little data and is surprisingly enjoyable to listen to)

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Posted on 01-24-18 03:23:49 AM Link | Quote
i basically never stream. sometimes i’ll listen to music on YouTube, but that’s it. i own a lot of obscure Japanese albums from the 90s. i’m sure a bunch of these are streamable now, but there’s something satisfying about popping my iPod into the dock and playing some tunes over my wall-mounted Jamo ART speakers.

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Posted on 01-24-18 08:52:50 AM Link | Quote
Rainwave? I just discovered that station last year. This and Retro Game Audio and Radio Paralax are the radio stations I listen to.

Else I stream from Bandcamp, as Sonos supports that, and YouTube. The rest is good old local. Be it streaming formats like vgm or mp3, or nsf, spc and sid.

Also in the car, good old FM and Minidisc. With some CD mixed in.

But Spotify? No, don't see the need to use that.

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Posted on 01-24-18 07:16:22 PM Link | Quote
I forgot all about SomaFM too! It's strange because I used to listen to them a little more often when I used my old iDevice, since they were in the TuneIn app I had, and in some other music player I had ... I mostly used Drone Zone and Space Station Soma, surprise

I'm glad they're still around.

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Posted on 01-24-18 08:15:12 PM (last edited by Zeether at 01-24-18 08:20:50 PM) Link | Quote
Soma is good. I also like Nightwave Plaza.

There's also a station called "Best Smooth Jazz" that broadcasts from the UK and has the most Web 1.0 website ever, but it's nice to listen to...although the DJ was sacked from Talksport or some other station for being in the BNP (for "research purposes" allegedly)
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