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02-18-18 03:06:29 PM

Jul - General Chat - Smartphones, attention spans, and ... well New poll - New thread - New reply
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Collecting Dust and Games
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Posted on 01-24-18 04:31:57 PM Link | Quote
I think the best thing I did about a year ago was to disable all Facebook notifications.

Before I already only hat notifications of messenging apps like SMS, Whatsapp, E-Mail and sometimes Skype.

Now, after reading this thread I muted all group notifications and will start filtering my E-Mail better to weed out the rest of Newsletters and update mails from my notifications.
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Posted on 01-24-18 04:35:10 PM Link | Quote
i joined facebook forcedly in 2014 to keep in touch with people at uni
these days i just use it to be political and get likes and comments on my selfies

more on topic, i think i've become conditioned to expect constant interaction with people from social media, and
yeah that's not super healthy

but i also don't know what to do about it because trying to break free from it now feels super isolating

gg photobucket
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Posted on 01-24-18 04:37:37 PM Link | Quote
yeah, with the exception of Whatsapp & Telegram (because school), I really don't want to receive notifications.

I actually forgot Twitter does that when I first installed it on my newer phone. When I realized this app sent completely useless notifications, I went 'nope' all the way and blocked them.
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Posted on 01-31-18 05:21:39 AM (last edited by Tarale at 01-31-18 05:38:04 AM) Link | Quote
I dunno, this kind of fits here with smartphones and social media and stuff. An essay that a mate wrote about, amongst other things, Facebook, has now been made available for free: The Last Days of Reality.

Also the AR stuff reminded me that this super fun video exists.

In light of some of the ideas presented in the essay, this place is not just a cosy nostalgia trip, or a place to socialise: it's straight-up rebellion.
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Jul - General Chat - Smartphones, attention spans, and ... well New poll - New thread - New reply

Rusted Logic

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