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11-15-18 05:55:42 PM

Jul - General Chat - Morning rituals and routines New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 01-10-18 04:33:47 PM Link | Quote
Ahhh, the morning. So peaceful. So quiet. So goddamned early. Whose stupid idea was this morning stuff anyway?

Whether you love mornings or hate them, we all have routines and rituals that help get us started for the day.

At the moment, mine is:

HOPEFULLY 6.15 a.m.: Baby wakes, I nurse him, then play with him, for a little bit while husband showers.
6.45 a.m.: Husband returns from shower, takes baby, I get to bathe wheeeeee!
7.00 a.m.: Get dressed, get baby to high chair.
7.15 a.m.: Attempt to put baby food inside baby. Sometimes this is just a purée that I spoon feed him, and sometimes we do something called baby led weaning, where you just… give the kid food. And you let them pick it up, and squish it in their tiny hands, and throw it, and hopefully get it to their mouths, and try to chew it with their gums, and if you're really lucky actually eat some! While the baby is doing this I also try to smash a coffee (oh man I need it so bad) and a banana smoothie for breakfast (so fast and easy).
7.30 a.m.: Husband leaves for work, we say "bye bye!". Take baby to window and let him watch daddy drive away while trying to encourage him to wave.
7.45 a.m.: Read a story to the baby, then sing songs, and start taking him to get ready for a nap.
8.00 a.m.: Trying to put the baby down for a nap. Usually the easiest one of the day. While waiting for him to self-settle/confirming that he's actually asleep, I make the bed in the dark (he's still in our bedroom at the moment), and I put hand cream on my hands to try to stop them cracking from all the hand washing I do after nappy changes.
8.05 a.m.: Sit in the lounge room for a moment in disbelief that the baby is asleep and I can do ANYTHING I WANT while he naps. Maybe have more coffee. Brush my teeth. Squander the time… (this is what I'm doing right now)

Soooooo, what do your mornings look like?

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Posted on 01-10-18 07:40:05 PM Link | Quote
7:50: okay fine i'm awake, christ
8:00: okay now i'm actually awake, time to not get out of bed and read twitter
8:20: shit. i should probably shower, huh. i'll do that
8:40: ok shower done and i'm about to be late, better run
8:45: go to work

On the weekends this is mostly just "whenever: wake up and not get out of bed for hours". I am a very boring person
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Posted on 01-10-18 09:56:05 PM Link | Quote
8:00: I go to bed

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Posted on 01-10-18 10:34:35 PM Link | Quote
that morning is too involved, condolences for a potentially fussy little one

aight here we go, weekday

6:45 - wake
6:46 - grab work clothes i neatly stacked near my bed and pack them up in one of two bags i carry to work
6:47 - set up phone for podcast over bluetooth etc, go brush teeth
6:49 - bike to work
7:15 - arrive, lock up bike
7:20 - unpack work/personal laptops at desk, grab shampoo/bodywash from desk
7:25 - shower. involves a lot of unpacking clothes from bag, etc
7:35 - get dressed, pack shit in bag
7:45 - drop bag at desk, head over to another building on campus to get free!!! breakfast, usually a form of meat (sausage, bacon, something), a side of something (hash browns, diced + fired potatos what are those called, broccoli, etc), scrambled eggs
7:50 - get back at desk with breakfast and a nice cold cup of water from the coke freestyle machine
8:00 - open outlook and get pissed at people emailing me directly instead of the team DL
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Posted on 01-10-18 11:55:33 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Dorito
that morning is too involved, condolences for a potentially fussy little one

It's OK, if I keep letting him crush fruit in his hands and throw breakfast cereal on the floor, he'll learn to feed himself eventually.

Originally posted by Dorito
8:00 - open outlook and get pissed at people emailing me directly instead of the team DL

Ahhhhhhh this brings back memories. Good times, good times.
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Posted on 01-11-18 10:09:57 AM Link | Quote
7:30: Phone's alarm goes off, get up, turn on TV to news channel
7:35: Take shower, etc., then get back to the sofa to watch news, read Twitter
8:10: Get fully dressed and otherwise ready to leave
8:25: Leave home, to catch bus to work ca. 10 min later
9:15: Arrive close to work with bus, buy breakfast at supermarket
9:25: Arrive at work

Uhh, boring stuff, right? And times are mostly approximate.
Random nobody
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Posted on 01-15-18 11:04:11 PM Link | Quote
7:52 AM: My old phone blares Sanctuary until I roll over and figure out where it is so I can mash the snooze button
Repeat 5/10/30 minutes later up to 5 times, depending how tired I am that day / if I work
8:48 AM: My new phone buzzes silently with an alarm that I've labeled "Go to work, probably", but also serves to remind me to take my HRT at the same-ish time each day and therefore goes off every day whether I work or not
8:49 AM: Start scrolling through Twitter and playing Fallen London.
8:59 AM: Get bored of Twitter and run out of actions in Fallen London.
9:13 AM: "Go to work, probably" goes off again if it's a work day. If I didn't actually take my HRT the first time, do it now. If I still haven't brushed my teeth, do it now.
9:38 AM: "Go to work, probably" goes off a third time. Now I have to leave.
9:50 AM: Arrive at kwik trip. Buy whatever's on sale for breakfast. Remind myself I'm trying to drink less soda, but probably buy a soda anyway.
10:02 AM: Gotta start walking to the bus stop if I'm going to catch the 10:08 bus.

If I need to shower in the morning and it's a work day, it goes like this instead:
7:52 AM: My old phone blares Sanctuary until I roll over and figure out where it is so I can mash the off button
7:56 AM: Well, that's enough lying here feeling miserable. I need to shower and that always takes forever, so shower.
7:57 AM: Take hormones, unless I forget. Do internet things "for just a minute" if I'm feeling risky.
8:01-8:13 AM: Depending on how much executive function I had to work with this early in the morning. Start showering.
8:48 AM: "Go to work, probably" goes off. I'm still in the shower, so I ignore it.
8:54 AM: Finish showering. Brush teeth. Take hormones if I forgot earlier.
9:13 AM: "Go to work, probably" goes off again. I'm either brushing my teeth or scrolling through Twitter. Either way I'm still not dressed. Better do that now. (I only actually do that now about 40% of the time.)
9:34 AM: If I'm still not dressed, I get pissy at myself for poor time management.
9:38 AM: "Go to work, probably" goes off a third time. I'm probably still not dressed. Get dressed and be annoyed at my poor time management skills.
and the rest is the same

... I like setting my alarms to uneven numbers.

six legged drgn whomst build worlds
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Posted on 01-22-18 09:29:40 PM (last edited by Halian at 01-22-18 09:29:55 PM) Link | Quote
Wake up
Try to go back to sleep
Get up (alarm: 0900 on school days)
If going out, shower
If showered, change
Make sure bag(s) is (are) packed
If school day, sit on couch watching TV waiting for bus; otherwise, if going out, wait forever and a fucking day for ride to get ready (haranguing them optional)
If school day, go to school (1000)
If going out but not to school, make sure bag(s) is (are) packed
If going out but not to school, leave (usually 12xx)

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Posted on 01-30-18 02:09:55 AM (last edited by Gabu at 01-30-18 02:13:20 AM) Link | Quote
Right now my days are kinda freeform in when they start and when I start smoking my pipe.
Usually though, it'd be something like this:

6 AM: Turn off phone alarm #1
7 AM: Turn off phone alarm #2
7:20: Turn off phone alarm #3
7:55: Turn off phone alarm #4
8 AM: Turn off phone alarm #5 and GET THE FUCK UP
8:15: Leave for work
8:30: Arrive at work
8:35: Have breakfast
9 AM: Clock in

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Posted on 01-30-18 02:25:47 AM Link | Quote
  1. get out of bed

  2. stretches

  3. big glass of water

  4. second glass—stay hydrated, kids

  5. put on morning music

  6. residual dishes (usually none)

  7. defrost frozen fruit

  8. cup of tea

  9. exercises

  10. face routine (double cleanse, toner, eye cream, sunscreen)

  11. get dressed

  12. rinse thawed fruit

  13. add non-fat Greek yoghurt to bowl

  14. mix flaxseed and granola into yoghurt

  15. add fruit to bowl

  16. add clementine to bowl

  17. catch up on social media while eating breakfast

  18. chew palate-resetting gum

  19. brush teeth*

  20. mouthwash

  21. get to work

i shower at night.

good routine, tbh. i never hang out in bed.

* dentists debate whether it’s better to brush before or after, w/ the general consensus being that you should brush before and a caveat that if you brush after, you should wait about 30 minutes after a meal for the pH levels to reset

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Posted on 01-30-18 05:40:58 AM Link | Quote
if I don't have to get out of house before 11 am:
9:55: alarm rings
10:25: alarm rings again
10:40: I may get up, depending on how late it got the night before

if on early or middle shift (basically anything I have to get up before 10am)
x.25 or x.55: alarm rings
+2 get up and go to the bathroom
+10 cereals
+20 get ready to leave house
x.59 or x.25 leave house

only exceptions are really early shifts:
2:55: alarm rings, get up and go bathroom
3:00: cereals
3:05: shift beginns
3:10: prepare for work
3:15: get ready to leave house
3:20: take cab to work
3:35: pay cabbie
3:40: arrive at designatet place for work
3:45: official arrival time at designatet place for work
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Posted on 02-06-18 01:32:03 AM Link | Quote
I don't have a real timeframe for me, since my schedule varies heavily from one day to the next.

i do get up around late morning, kinda check my stuff over coffee, and then run off and do whatever I have planned for the day. Unless that's loaf around. Then I just kinda keep doing what I'm doing.
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