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11-18-18 12:09:50 PM

Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Castlevania 64 unused Cornel and Coller leftover data New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 01-08-18 07:05:22 PM Link | Quote
A user named EXcentriX on youtube posted this video ( allows you to change the character the game thinks you control, in order to see Cornel and Coller's name in the menu. The video shows a raw address manipulation for the E version of the game, but below is gameshark code you can use in the NTSC release. Normally the code used would allow you to swap from Reinhardt to Carrie in game but it appears that the character slot for Cornel and Coller is still in the game, sadly missing their character portraits as seen in the beta screenshots.

Interestingly you can unpause the game and continue to move around when "playing as" Cornel/Coller but jumping makes your character spaz out. The collision detection also seems to be messed up as I tested it a few times against different enemies and most attacks go through you or crash the game. So far I've been unable to make the game save file show it as a "Coller or Cornel file" but I'm still working on that. It also crashes if you load a previously made save file which the address set to Coller or Cornell despite the code working to swap from Reinhardt to Carrie, so sadly it seems what little data these guys have is nowhere near enough to do anything with.

My theory is that these guys didn't get to far into development before being scrapped and most trace of them was deleted from CV64. This game also has a level select and a cutscene modifier and nothing has been found relating to Coller or Cornel so I'm not too hopeful for finding much more about these guys other than this. However I suppose some very savy hacker could use those character slots to put Coller back in using the frankenstein gardener model as a template since that's what he ended up being made into. Ultimately you're going to have to stick to LOD if you want gun slinging or werewolfing.

Use this code during game play and pause to see these in the menu.

e88ef393 59
5A Reinhardt
59 Carrie
5B Coller
5C Cornel

Other nearby values display garbage values such as A or B and crash the game when you unpause. Only those 4 will let you pause/unpause without crashes.

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Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Castlevania 64 unused Cornel and Coller leftover data New poll - New thread - New reply

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