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12-11-18 10:17:32 PM

Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Samurai Shodown MD research? New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 11-10-17 07:12:51 PM Link | Quote
Has anybody looked into the Mega Drive port of Samurai Shodown? The TCRF wiki doesn't have anything on it (nor the arcade version for that matter), and I'm curious because I noticed the following:

* Referee is drawn in the plane A tilemap instead of sprites, which at first seems overkill. The implication here is that they were worried about sprite overflow.
* The game reserves 256 tiles per player in video memory. WTF is there anything that gets anywhere close to that? That's 25% of video memory reserved just to them.
* There are black bars at the top and bottom, albeit that's just drawn in plane A rather than display being blanked in those areas. Were they planning to actually do it at some point?

The game also loves to switch palettes several times mid-screen so they clearly knew what they were doing with the hardware.

The reason I'm bringing up all of the above is: the more I look into the game, the more it seems they were originally intending to accomodate Earthquake (who'd have huge sprites and hence absolutely need all the above) and may have been cut down only because they ran out of ROM space. For all we know the game may have been originally intended to be 4MB (the released game is 3MB).

Is anybody interested into looking to see if there are any remainders of Earthquake in the game? (or anything else that may have been scrapped, for that matter)
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Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Samurai Shodown MD research? New poll - New thread - New reply

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