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12-12-18 01:36:09 PM

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Posted on 11-06-17 04:59:08 PM Link | Quote
It's been quite a while since I've really had my techie knowledge used, so I feel like I'm out of the loop when it comes to computer hardware nowadays. Regardless, my laptop's... Not doing too hot. It's functional, and should still be that way for a while, but keys are missing and just last week the monitor broke. I intend on getting this thing fixed at some point, but it's about five and a half years old, so it's probably the time to get a new one.

Only trouble is, I don't really know how to look for a laptop, let alone find something that's guaranteed to last 4-7 years (that's sort of my yardstick when it comes to computer lifespans), so I can definitely use help.

I should note that I've already looked at Rick's thread about his new laptop, and I'm also adding it to the list of laptops to check out, since it sounds nice and still within my range without any price-saving strategies.

Anyway, here's the copypasta from my Facebook post so you guys can get an idea of what I'm looking for (also, I'm not against touchscreens-- it's simply that I want something that can function as a drawing tablets and even the laptop I found at Fry's months ago could only go ten levels. Probably best to get an off-brand one.)

Can anyone out there recommend a nice laptop?

I'm looking for something that has 8gb ram, though I can settle for 6gb, minimum 500gb hard drive space (I prefer 750gb-1tb+) OR 500gb SSD. I also would prefer to keep my general set up of three USB ports, HDMI, serial, and wired Internet ports, as well as a CD drive, but depending on what I see and like I can be flexible.

I'm not too big into touch screens as before (seems like, after some hands on experience, actual drawing tablets still work better, but getting even an off-brand one with a monitor would set me back $300), so it should be easier to find something that's under $1000 (though if it's stats are amazing and it's a steal, I can also flexible, but to a point)
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Posted on 11-07-17 12:28:37 AM Link | Quote
Yeah that Dell Inspiron that I managed to pick up was AWESOME. I love how I can finally play games on Steam and whatever shitty Intel card I had in previous laptops was no longer in there (I got a Radeon card).

Whatever you decide to buy...a couple of tips!

1.) It may be worth it to wait until it goes on sale. I got incredibly lucky and found the right one on sale immediately. Once you decide on one you like, it miiiiiiiight be a waiting game.

However if you're willing to chance it, if you find out any Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals (since that's right around the corner), DO IT. It really couldn't hurt to get a really stupid steal on it.

2.) PRICE MATCHING. If you go to a bigger box store like Best Buy (or hell, even Staples), even if they list the price in-store, check their website and see if they're advertising it for less. I was actually able to knock down the price of my current laptop even more just because my laptop was on sale on the website for even less than in store!

Some stores will also price match to competitors, but they won't do it to Black Friday deals most likely though.


Seriously, I was able to knock off a really, really big chunk off of the regular price just by using some finesse. :3
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Jul - General Chat - Gabu needs laptop badly New poll - New thread - New reply

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