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01-21-18 12:58:08 AM

Jul - TCRF - Help with some interesting SpongeBob: SuperSponge GBA Prototypes New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 10-29-17 12:16:58 PM Link | Quote

I'm a frequent TCRF visitor that has just created a new account. I'm already getting used to creating pages and I guess I'm doing a good job for a beginner. The reason why I created an account was because I found three very interesting SpongeBob: SuperSponge GBA prototypes in that giant development disc leak. One seems to have been an early demo, while the other two are EXTREMELY early tests.

This is the prototype page for the game that I'm working on:

I've already found many differences with the early demo. I can't really document much changes for the very early tests because it looks like every single asset was changed or removed in the final game. These prototypes are just one-level tests for different things.

So, the reason why I'm making this thread is because I have absolutely no skill with unearthing unused content. I've already found one unused level in the early demo without using any codes or modifications. I feel like there may be more unused levels, though. But as I said, I have no skill in hex editing, modifications, creating cheat codes or anything like that.

I'm not asking for lessons on hex editing or anything, I just want to make people aware of this, so maybe some actual unused content not in the final game could be found. Also, if you need them, all of the download links are on the TCRF page.

Thanks, bye!
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Jul - TCRF - Help with some interesting SpongeBob: SuperSponge GBA Prototypes New poll - New thread - New reply

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