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02-18-18 03:33:07 PM

Jul - General Chat - Daily Poll #5: Transportation New poll - New thread - New reply
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How do you get around?
Car (I drive)
21.8% of users, 17 votes (37.8%)
7.7% of users, 6 votes (13.3%)
Ride-sharing service
3.8% of users, 3 votes (6.7%)
20.5% of users, 16 votes (35.6%)
12.8% of users, 10 votes (22.2%)
10.3% of users, 8 votes (17.8%)
19.2% of users, 15 votes (33.3%)
Something else?
3.8% of users, 3 votes (6.7%)
Multi-voting is enabled. 45 users have voted.

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Posted on 02-13-18 11:07:30 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Ninji
I refuse to drive -- it's expensive, parking in central Glasgow is impossible, and the idea of being responsible for a massive moving chunk of metal freaks me out.


driving is stressful

not to mention that it contributes to global warming, which is getting real bad. unless you can afford one of those electrical vehicles.

my place has a tram network which is generally working well, and that's what I use to travel around. there is also a bus network by the same operator, mostly completing the tram network, but I rarely ever need to take a bus.

I also use a bike, which I originally got when I arrived in the town because the hotel I had booked was absurdly far away from anything.

I prefer biking on sidewalks tho, which isn't always convenient. but biking among cars is stressful and dangerous with all the cars trying to overtake you. similarly, traffic laws that apply on the road feel restrictive when you're riding a bike. I feel closer to a pedestrian than a car when doing so.
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Posted on 02-13-18 11:12:08 AM Link | Quote
I drive, been driving for a few years now, I have driven hours to other kinds of states and places, all that shiz.

I can see why people would be led not to drive, because it is pretty scary driving at ~60MPH with almost a ton of metal going down the road.

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Posted on 02-13-18 11:32:42 AM Link | Quote
I'm in that oddball zone where I technically have a driver's license, but I don't have any car I can legally drive thanks to some arbitrary limits on how powerful a car a "newbie" can drive.


In other words, what I can do is usually go either by bus or by train. The bike is only really used sometimes for fun; never for going to school.
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Posted on 02-13-18 06:08:13 PM Link | Quote
I have a license and drive when I can, but currently walk/bus everywhere because I'm broke as shit.
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Jul - General Chat - Daily Poll #5: Transportation New poll - New thread - New reply

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