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12-09-18 03:35:43 PM

Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Starfox 2 (Official release version) New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 09-29-17 10:50:53 PM (last edited by Gabu at 09-29-17 11:04:32 PM) Link | Quote
Well, it's about that time now. I've only observed only the intro cycle of both the official version and the "tied-up" fan-translation via emulator, and already I can spot several key differences:

-The Nintendo logo now contains a copyright symbol (R)

-The completed game either runs at a more contained speed than the beta (which is saying something considering, again, comparing the both through emulation), or the animation itself was tightened to match the pacing with the music. I can't really speak for how emulators operate, though given the SNES Classic is basically an emulator, it might be possible they had to recalibrate the entire game (including possibly Starfox, which would be interesting to dump to see how this version runs on emulation) so it runs as close to its native speed as it could.

-Speaking of animation, it simply looks better in the final. At least, they did something with it that kind of gives off that final polish

-Graphics in the final look a touch brighter/vibrant, with background stars looking blurrier/more stylized.

-A completely different graphic is used for Corneria on the title screen. Obviously, so is the logo and team portrait, but I mention Corneria specifically since it can be easily missed. I also think Andross looks a tiny bit different in the final version but I can't quite tell.

-Game copyright date is 1996 instead of the beta's 1995. I guess rules are rules regarding copyright date, but as an aside it's kind of weird they didn't pop in a ", 2017", just imo.

And this is all I could find just during the intro itself, man.

Edit: It's possible the ships entering Great Fox are different? I swear I was looking at both intros back-to-back on emulation and I swear I saw Slippy's ship go inside in... one of the versions, anyway, but I can't replicate it. Dear God, it's that 'Warp to credits' thing I discovered in the beta by accident (and having no one believe me) all over again.
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Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Starfox 2 (Official release version) New poll - New thread - New reply

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