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07-20-18 11:49:47 PM

Jul - Projects and Creations - GABU'S EMPORIUM OF STUPID FANFICTION IDEAS New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 08-23-17 01:25:58 AM (last edited by Gabu at 08-23-17 01:27:48 AM) Link | Quote
Second verse, same as the first. Putting this here since the whole point of these threads is its entirely possible for someone else to take an idea you've posed and create it, so I suppose it fits best in Projects and Creations.

Anyway, I had an Earthbound/Mother 1 or 2 fanfiction idea that would be named after its inspiration: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. In it the titular OC Yoshimi learns of the local boy going out to save the world, and she tries catching up to him in order to help. At one point though, she actually gets ahead and meets three pink Starmen. She fights them, knowing that she'll never win against them, yet knowing her sacrifice means this hero boy can move forward.

No I have not smoked any substances in the past hour what are you talking about but fuck does Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots feel like an Earthbound album.
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Posted on 08-31-17 07:17:48 AM Link | Quote
Please continue to write down your high-deas here.
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Jul - Projects and Creations - GABU'S EMPORIUM OF STUPID FANFICTION IDEAS New poll - New thread - New reply

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