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12-17-17 07:52:48 PM

Jul - Craziness Domain - Solar Eclipse New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 08-21-17 02:27:01 PM (last edited by divingkataetheweirdo at 08-21-17 02:27:24 PM) Link | Quote
So, for the first time this century, there was a total solar eclipse in the US. Share your pics and whatnot. I myself got a partial solar eclipse, but no video or pictures of it. Still fun though.

Posted on 08-21-17 05:18:56 PM Link | Quote
I didn't see this thread so I made another one. But for here, the clouds were covering everything with a light rainstorm, so not even the partial one was visible.

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Posted on 08-21-17 05:20:48 PM Link | Quote
..i stayed inside and watched JoJo with my housemate

it did get kinda darker though!

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Posted on 08-21-17 05:23:25 PM Link | Quote
I didn't notice any difference Was pretty far from the path, though, so I'm not surprised.

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Posted on 08-21-17 06:25:23 PM Link | Quote
yeah, i got a shot of it! please enjoy (click to enlarge)


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Posted on 08-22-17 10:07:55 PM Link | Quote
We watched the NASA live stream. It was good for the most part, plenty of shots of the eclipse itself from different cities. Best part was this kid and his eclipse dance.

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Posted on 08-23-17 08:52:27 AM Link | Quote
It was cloudy and raining where I was, so I didn't get anything.
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Posted on 08-25-17 04:24:28 PM Link | Quote
Solar eclipse was a scam. There were only rainy clouds on that day!

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Posted on 08-25-17 10:21:43 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Pandaren
Solar eclipse was a scam. There were only rainy clouds on that day!

Same thing here. 2/10 would not recommend
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