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10-15-18 09:23:37 PM

Jul - General Chat - Dining in, or eating out? New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 08-10-17 06:52:49 PM Link | Quote
Which do you tend to do when you're hungry? And where?

For what it's worth, today I'm eating in -- I brought work to lunch, even if it's a little bit of eating out too. Lunchables, some strawberry applesauce, and a deli spicy italian salad from WinCo (with probably too much ranch).


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Posted on 08-11-17 12:04:27 AM Link | Quote
i started buying the big bags of frozen salmon from Whole Foods¹. i buy this because,
  • it is nutritious

  • good quality in comparison to other frozen salmon bags from other places

  • freezes nicely for an indefinite amount of time

  • easy to throw in the oven and bake into a delicious meal

this salmon is served w/ rice and vegetables.

salmon has recently become my favorite meat. so delicious.

¹ ftr, the only other thing i get there is frangrance-free body wash.
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Posted on 08-11-17 01:11:38 AM Link | Quote
Salmon is excellent. I'm having some trouble getting good salmon out where I live though. I used to bake mine with a parmesan and panko crust (stuck on with a little kewpie mayonnaise, sprinkled with garlic powder and sometimes chives).

There are only about two good restaurants in my area, so I prefer to eat in these days. Except that I don't get much time to cook so I'm winding up eating a lot of junk or food that people bring to my house for me. Tonight my in-laws are bringing a lasagne.

Holy SwordsMan
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Posted on 08-11-17 10:49:28 AM Link | Quote
We try to plan out meals and grocery shop for 2 weeks at a time but there are those nights where I don't want to cook and my wife doesn't want to cook. So we end up going to a nearby fast food restaurant and getting value menu items. Typically McDonalds or Taco Bell.

A Trader Joes just opened up near us so we've been getting prepped meal bags from there, things like orange chicken, mushroom chicken, barbecue pork, etc. And pot stickers. Lots and lots of pot stickers. It's $3 a bag and you get 21-22 in a bag. Really easy to prepare and are just as good as anything from a decent Asian restaurant. Otherwise, we get 2 pizzas for an easy meal night as well. Occasionally a pack of all beef hot dogs. We save sit down, more expensive restaurants for special occasions: birthdays, anniversary, holidays, and the likes. We will splurge from time to time and go to the nearby steak house on Monday evenings when it's $1 per oz of prime rib.

Moon Bunny! :3
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Posted on 08-11-17 04:21:45 PM Link | Quote
I basically prepare almost all food I eat myself and from buying cheap groceries. I can't really afford to eat out, but if I could then I'd get pizzas, pizza is great!
M'Lord, there's a knife in your head!
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Posted on 08-27-17 10:14:27 PM Link | Quote
Pretty much the same as Lunaria. Normally I can't justify eating out and my food budget I try to keep pretty meager.

That being said, lately my foods consists of easily-grabbed stuff. I can cook though! I just...don't have the energy to after a long day of running around the copy center and not having any control of anything. x.x

The one thing I do need to do is make curry my way again.

The other thing I need to do at some point is roll my own sushi again. I haven't done that in at least several years and truth be told, I miss that.

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Posted on 08-27-17 11:19:46 PM Link | Quote
99% of the time I cook. I only eat out about twice a month unless I'm on vacation or something. I love cooking and the food I make much more than most things I can find in restaurants in the area so I'm happy with this

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Posted on 08-30-17 12:25:29 PM Link | Quote
i think i posted my original post in the wrong thread b/c i don't remember it being in this thread.

my confession is i eat out more than i should, usually foods poke or sushi or what have you. but i try to eat in, cheaply + efficiently when i can for the purpose of saving money & having greater control over the food.
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Jul - General Chat - Dining in, or eating out? New poll - New thread - New reply

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