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10-20-17 04:58:56 PM

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Posted on 08-02-17 08:10:25 PM Link | Quote
Do you do anything fun in this heat?

A decade and a half ago I'd probably have gone to Wet'n'Wild, a local water park, but they closed it so they could bulldoze everything and replace it with a construction-tool parking lot (yes, really). These days I mostly just stay inside, try to stay cool, and sometimes go to the apartment complex's pool.

Swimming is fun, but it's weird that the pool is sometimes colder in April/May than it is in the middle of January. They turn the heat on for the winter months but then turn it off before things actually get warm enough

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Posted on 08-02-17 08:23:43 PM Link | Quote
I'd go swimming, I did that a lot when I was younger. But I kinda don't want to go alone, is the thing. I also kinda want to go wearing my swimsuit but it'd be pretty awkward still... :C

So I just end up sitting inside and trying to do my best to cope with the heat. Due to global warming things have gotten hotter around here, few places in Sweden have AC so... :I
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Posted on 08-02-17 08:40:09 PM Link | Quote
Mostly just coping with the heat indoors, but swimming is pretty great. There's a couple good spots near here for bridge and/or cliff jumping, which can be pretty fun!
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Posted on 08-02-17 08:48:45 PM Link | Quote
Usually just means my schedule goes very nocturnal. There was a decent indoor pool where my parents lived, but since it's a tiny, rural midwestern town, it of course went unmaintained and was forced to close. There's also one at my school, but the hours are pretty limited. For exercise I usually just run at night or go biking if it's cool enough.

There aren't many interesting things to do around here, especially at night, so until I'm out of undergrad it's pretty much just going to mean shutting myself inside and working on projects etc. unless I get an internship.

Posted on 08-04-17 04:37:27 AM Link | Quote
One nice (well, sometimes) thing is that the sun is up for a lot longer in summer months, so you can actually see outdoors well. Not as much of an issue in places that have lots of outdoor lighting, but it can be nice if you like that sort of thing.
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Posted on 08-05-17 12:42:42 PM Link | Quote
We went swimming in a lake with friends! Always fun. There were ducks!


Posted on 08-06-17 06:34:04 PM Link | Quote
That's always fun, but the lakes here are really dirty and smell way too strongly of fish. Plus, nobody likes stepping on trash

I'd have gone swimming more recently than now, but the weather's been fairly bad (rain and thunderstorms), so best to stay out of it for the time being.
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Posted on 08-06-17 10:43:24 PM Link | Quote
I try to go to a local water park once a year, 'cause I love me some water park.

Unfortunately I just spend all my time working so I tend to just stay inside.

Posted on 08-08-17 03:47:20 PM Link | Quote
We have not one but two water parks here, and they're both pretty bad from what I've heard. Expensive to get into and both smaller than the original one that shut down... the nearby one also has several drowning-related incidents and apparently always understaffs the lifeguard department
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Posted on 08-09-17 12:13:50 AM Link | Quote
Get a slushie from a convenience store, put vodka in it, and sit in a kiddie pool in the shade to drink it. With friends.
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Posted on 08-09-17 12:25:06 AM Link | Quote
yall talking about swimming while i'm here and can't swim

but it's cool, i spend the summer usually on longass hikes/walks/bike rides and trying to even out the tanning work on my arms

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Posted on 08-09-17 12:44:34 AM Link | Quote
Biking is wonderful. Probably my favorite form of exercise when it's cool enough outside -- exploration is fun, going 30+ mph without any kind of external power source is fun, working on the thing is even kind of fun. Sadly anything modern and decent (i.e. brifters, alu, 10sp+) is $1k or so, which I absolutely have no way of getting right now. Biking took over last summer even on this old Raleigh Alyeska though.

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Posted on 08-20-17 02:29:04 AM Link | Quote
tbf i prefer hiking in the spring/autumn.

that said, i'm going to go hike on the Olympic Peninsula this coming week. it'll be the first summery thing i've done this summer, pretty much.

summer has been pretty bad in Seattle this year, making it the first time i've ever had to use an AC unit. not only that, but the winds swept smoke from wildfires in British Columbia to Seattle, reducing our air quality, trapping heat & raising the humidity.

summer is usually beautiful here, but not this year.

Posted on 08-20-17 02:50:11 AM Link | Quote
Hopefully you have the AC unit handy for next year, because the way things are going it's not going to get any colder

The smoke thing is awful; hopefully it's gotten a lot better recently. I can't imagine suffering through that without any sort of indoor air stuff.

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Posted on 08-20-17 03:12:12 AM Link | Quote
i do have it handy! it hibernates in my friend's storage until it's time for it to be redeployed.

the smoke lifted when the wind changed, so it's better now. but i'm nevertheless worried it'll also be back next year. the air quality then was bad, worse than China or India & in fact actually worse than much of the world.
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