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12-15-17 05:24:21 AM

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Posted on 07-22-17 05:25:15 PM Link | Quote
The Oculus Rift is $400 today and it's sooooooo tempting to get to try things out, aaaaa

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Posted on 07-22-17 09:13:12 PM Link | Quote
Are there any good games that support it? I admit I haven't been following it much but my impression was that this was still very primitive / light on support?

Posted on 07-23-17 03:34:52 AM Link | Quote
I think it's light on support, but there's a lot of experimental shit out there if you look for it.

I'm probably going to pass on it again for now, though.
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Posted on 07-23-17 11:07:43 AM Link | Quote
Man, that's almost a price I'd be willing to drop on a Rift (well, even at $549 CAD) but afaik I'm just below the system requirements for VR.
There's actually a VR arcade nearby me that rents out time with the Vive that I'm tempted to try out.

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Posted on 07-23-17 01:16:59 PM Link | Quote
The Oculus is relatively limited because of Facebook being stupid about who or what gets to use it.

Probably why they're trying to get it to sell more by dropping the price for a while w.

It has even fewer full games than the Vive.
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Posted on 07-23-17 02:48:22 PM Link | Quote
I'm not too interested in VR, not at the point it's at anyway. But I got to try Eagle Flight in January and it gave me nice feelings.

Posted on 07-23-17 07:44:09 PM Link | Quote
Eagle Flight looks like a fun game, partially because I've gotten to see a lot of it since it's one of the things zerojay worked on

I haven't yet had a chance to experience VR myself anywhere, but I've been longing for that kind of experience for a while... It's still way too expensive for me, and Oculus being tied in with Facebook sucks. But the Vive is also kind of bad (and expensive), so that isn't a good option either.

There's always PSVR, I guess.

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Posted on 07-23-17 08:12:30 PM Link | Quote
Rift doesn't fit around my glasses so I can't use it. The one I tried last year at least wouldn't fit.

Vive sorta fit but it seemed to press on them a lot and I guess adjusting would help but I'm still concerned. Not sure if I'll ever get a headset since I need a VR capable PC but it would be nice...maybe.
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