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07-21-18 09:43:46 AM

Jul - General Chat - How much sleep do you get? New poll - New thread - New reply
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It's more how you feel about it than the numbers.
"Briefing" is such a weird word for polls
1-3 hours
4.3%, 1 vote
4-6 hours
30.4%, 7 votes
6-7 hours
34.8%, 8 votes
7-8 hours
17.4%, 4 votes
8-9 hours
13.0%, 3 votes
10+ hours   0.0%, 0 votes
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Posted on 07-19-17 04:38:43 PM Link | Quote
I know I sure don't get anywhere near enough sleep, but I'm curious how everyone else does.

Technically, the "right" range for people is about 7-8 hours, I think?

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Posted on 07-19-17 04:40:10 PM Link | Quote
6 hours on a good day, often less.

I have terrible sleep habits and haven't bought or taken any melatonin in months.
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Posted on 07-19-17 04:41:16 PM Link | Quote
I tend to sleep 9-10 hours and not feel the need to sleep again, when I wake up naturally (ie. no time constraint).

Given time constraints, my minimum is 6 hours. Any less and I miss the clock.

My parents not seldom sleep less than 6 hours. I don't know how they can live with that.

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Posted on 07-19-17 04:41:22 PM Link | Quote
Melatonin doesn't really help someone in my situation, where I just stay up until 3-4 in the morning, have an alarm for 8 in the morning, and then get woken up by a thunderstorm at 7 anyway.

Part of it is still just that most of my social circles are up late and work is way too early for me. If my job was more around 12 to 8 PM I'd probably be doing a lot better...
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Posted on 07-19-17 04:41:53 PM Link | Quote
Usually ~6 hours, and most days a nap in the afternoon as well, just to take the edge off.

I actually had to wean myself off melatonin, because I was up to 5mg tabs every night, and it was getting hard to sleep without it.
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Posted on 07-19-17 04:45:42 PM (last edited by Kak at 07-19-17 04:47:06 PM) Link | Quote
This is kind of a mixed bag for me, but in general it's about 7-8 at best and about 3-4 at worst. Usually it's ~6 hours.*

I'm sure shaping up those good sleeping habits.

*remove one hour from any given number when I have to go to school (rather than going to "work"), since I have to get up one hour earlier but I tend to go to bed at the same time nonetheless.
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Posted on 07-19-17 05:01:41 PM Link | Quote
It varies quite a bit. When I'm busy, I often get only 3 to 4 hours a night. When I'm on break, I can sleep up to 10 hours if I don't bother setting up an alarm. On a typical day, though, 6 to 7 hours is about what I would expect.

I have various difficulties falling asleep, so I often don't get enough sleep just because I fall asleep too late on a regular basis. I can function on low sleep for a few days just fine, but I usually have to "catch up" on my sleep later.

In short, the answer is usually not enough.
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Posted on 07-19-17 05:03:33 PM Link | Quote
what the hell is sleep

Seriously, for the past week, I've been managing maybe 3-5 hours a night. It's been horrible. Haven't had insomnia quite this bad in a while.

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Posted on 07-19-17 05:14:49 PM Link | Quote
The average is definitely about exactly 8 hours but I think I average more days at over 8 than under 8!
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Posted on 07-19-17 05:50:01 PM (last edited by Sanqui at 07-20-17 03:05:16 AM) Link | Quote
I believe I'm pretty lucky, I can sleep well. Generally I set an alarm so that I don't sleep for over eight hours. If I need to wake up early I try to make sure I get six. I can function on little sleep as well, but I do feel like crap then.

Sometimes I get super sleepy and nap several hours in the day extra too...

EDIT: Also, I strive to go to bed by midnight, but sometimes end up chatting my way to 2 am as well.

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Posted on 07-19-17 06:30:53 PM Link | Quote
There are a lot of things that can affect sleep patterns. Bright lights (IE computer screens, phones, TV), caffeine consumption, varying sleep times, etc. Even knowing these things, I still have bad sleep habits. Sometimes I go to bed around 10pm, sometimes 12pm, sometimes 1am. Occasionally I try to stay off my phone while in bed, most of the time I'm playing games or browsing reddit with the TV on to the Science channel or DIY. Alarm is set for 5:45 but I rarely wake up to that one, which is why I have a second one set for 6:05. So rarely 8 hours, usually 6-7 hours, sometimes 4-5 hours. Weekends I tend to be able to sleep in until 7:30 since my kids are old enough to self entertain until I go downstairs and make breakfast.

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Posted on 07-20-17 05:44:25 AM Link | Quote
Much like I said always happens, I am now awake at 2:45 AM, and should really have been in bed hours ago. Oops. I got caught up working on something fun and forgot how to sleep.

I have to be awake in about 5 hours, but I still have to do some stuff before I go to bed, so I guess this is another 4-5 hour night.

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Posted on 07-20-17 11:17:15 PM Link | Quote
I'm lucky to get 5 hours of sleep a night. Shit sucks.

It's not so much that I can't fall asleep at a sane time. It's more that I love staying up late into the night. I always have and I'm not sure if I can ditch that habit. Tend to regret it in the morning of course because of how early I need to be up. Sometimes I'll sleep in sine waves. One night I'll get shitty sleep, the next I'll be so tired I go to bed early and then get a lot of sleep, so much so that I repeat said cycle.

On the flip side of things, the most amount of continuous sleep I ever had is 20 hours. Probably would have gotten more if a phone call didn't wake me up. That was a crazy week in my life and not a norm. I will say though, I felt like a god once I got up.

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Posted on 07-21-17 12:51:04 AM Link | Quote

Various reasons...
Some to habits, some cuz of others...

On a given day, it's often
wake at 12 PM or later, or get woken at fucking 5-6 AM...
do some shit
nap through evening
wake around 8-ish...
sometimes nap, sometimes do shit
do more shit
sometimes try to sleep, sometimes try to stay-up...
//accuracy not guaranteed...

What I've been trying to do is wake at 8-10, and sleep at 1 AM (cuz then I can check some sites that run PST right before bed)

What usually happens is one of these:
1. I stay up late cuz of games/friends/projects/tv
2. I stay-up late because my dad keeps leaving the stove on, and he doesn't go to bed till like 2-3 AM (but he falls-asleep on the couch...good for him >.>)
3. I get woken-up early cuz of something in the morning that regardless of the time, we need to be awake/out of house by 5/6 AM...
naturally, all of these events just throw me off...
4. I wake-up SEVERAL times because of the sun...

As I would prefer, and actually can do when things are balanced:
wake at 8-10 AM
eat breakfast
do stuff
eat lunch at 12-2 PM
do stuff
eat dinner at... whenever my family eats
do stuff
go to bed at 1-2 AM
On Saturday -> Sunday, watch Toonami till 4:30 AM

Oh, and I forgot one other thing, I've told her IDK HOW MANY DAMN TIMES... I watch my shows on Saturday into early Sunday morning... MY MOM FINDS SOME THING TO DO, THAT REQUIRES BEING UP EARLY, ON SUNDAY ... >.< >:( >.> *facepalm* *face to wall* "all I ask, IS ONE THING.............."
(insert more emoji and shit here to express how infinitely annoying this is)

So, yeah...I don't get enough sleep, or sleep at consistent times.
I already can guarantee college or a job will further throw this totally out of balance, based on experiences of others...

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Posted on 07-21-17 02:08:26 AM Link | Quote
I try to usually do between 7-9, but sometimes it's more like 5 or 6 depending on if I have to wake up early for work.

It also doesn't help that I wake up at least once every night, which doesn't do me any favors in the slightest.

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Posted on 07-21-17 05:57:46 AM Link | Quote
I get woken up at 7am no matter what which is annoying considering I frequently end up not being able to sleep until around 2am.
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Posted on 07-24-17 09:11:13 PM Link | Quote
I usually need 9 to 10 hours of sleep to really feel refreshed, maybe a bit more than others. I also can't sleep during the day for some reason. I tend to feel sleepy at around 6PM-8PM and wake up at 5AM on school days and around 6AM on other days. Me sleeping earlier than most other people doesn't really help, sometimes (actually quite oftenly) I only get to sleep much later at around 10PM, which is certainly not enough sleep for me (I end up sleepy throughout the entire day).
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Posted on 08-01-17 05:38:37 PM Link | Quote
Before the baby, I'd get around 7–8 hours a night. I've been making an effort for years to get things like sleep and exercise sorted because I can manage my mental health better. Makes a huge difference.

After the baby… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Jul - General Chat - How much sleep do you get? New poll - New thread - New reply

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