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12-17-17 12:33:02 AM

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Posted on 07-14-17 09:06:34 PM Link | Quote
It's a Good Game.

I mean really.

The game follows the experience of one stout cat gal and her friends in her old hometown.
It's a side-scroller with decision making and a bit of minigame stuff.
Very story-heavy, and there's some fun characters to meet across all the days.

And it's totally stolen my love from oxenfree even.

I guess if others have played it totally chime in
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Posted on 07-15-17 06:54:41 PM (last edited by BoringPerson at 07-15-17 07:13:02 PM) Link | Quote
Huh, I've heard a bit about this, but I don't know much about it because don't want to spoil myself. I just want to know though, is the game disturbing or depressing, or does it have sort of a hopeless feel to it?
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Posted on 07-22-17 11:54:24 PM Link | Quote
I've been slowly going through this as my time allows.

I absolutely LOVE the characterization in this game. Rarely have I seen interactions flow so naturally in a game that it just feels so realistic in that regard. People feel relatable!

I'm only a couple chapters in but man I'm so hardcore loving this already.
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Posted on 07-23-17 12:11:06 AM Link | Quote
Gonna third what I've seen above. I'm now nearing at least one ending, and have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. The writing is pretty lifelike, honestly -- mirrors my experience growing up in rural America, anyway.

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Posted on 07-23-17 11:05:23 AM Link | Quote
I haven't played a whole lot of it yet.. other games came up and y'know how that goes. But I'm hoping to get back into it! It definitely has potential to be a favorite for me.
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Jul - Gaming - Night in the Woods New poll - New thread - New reply

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