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04-25-18 09:31:23 AM

Jul - Gaming - Your first game-breaking bug New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 07-09-17 10:35:05 AM Link | Quote
The first two Elder Scrolls games, Arena and Daggerfall, had save corruption bugs. It was a struggle.

There were also plenty of places where, if you saved and reloaded, you wouldn't be able to move.

Anvil of Dawn has a similar thing where you have a spell that deletes part of the level, after which if you save you won't be able to load anymore. Testing is hard.
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Posted on 07-11-17 10:32:26 PM Link | Quote
A friend of mine and I somehow accidentally discovered the infinite jumping trick in Donkey Kong Country's first mine cart level. We quickly figured out how to replicate it and were so stoked to try and get it submitted to Tips & Tricks magazines or something since this was the 90's, haha. We never went through with that though...

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Posted on 07-12-17 12:28:16 AM Link | Quote
There was always GameWinners back in those days.

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Posted on 02-08-18 03:49:44 PM Link | Quote
Think it was one of two glitches involving mines in GoldenEye. You can freeze mines/rockets in Bunker 1 or 2 by placing mines on TV screens and detonating them. Sometimes it freezes the game, other times it does what I mentioned.

The other glitch was placing remote mines on the rocketship before it launches in Aztec, which will result in the game crashing after the mission's over.

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Posted on 02-08-18 07:22:02 PM Link | Quote
It was not a gamebreaking bug, but once in Super Mario Bros. 2, I just defeated Mouser and a bomb exploded right next to little me. So I died. After respawning, there where two Mousers.

Also on the NES, I loved to play Super Mario Bros. 3, and after beating the game, it rewards you with 28 P-Wings, and I started to seek all nooks and cranies of the game.
So I got stuck in Bowsers Castle just before the door of the final fight in a little niche I couldn't get out anymore until the timer run out.
The level was changed for All Stars to hinder such a thing.
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Posted on 02-09-18 08:47:34 AM Link | Quote
I'm not even sure if this counts but Link's Awakening on the Gameboy.

I saved a game and went on my way. When I loaded it back up, pressed start on the title screen and... the only thing visible was Link. No menus. Selecting one of the saves froze, while selecting one of the other two loaded just fine... except only sprites were visible. Good luck navigating when you can't see anything.

I had to delete one save and upon restart everything was fixed. I still have no idea what I did to make that happen.

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Posted on 02-14-18 02:22:24 PM Link | Quote
I know rotten SRAM can cause that game to crash on boot, but I haven't found anything like that that'd make it just sort of. barf.

That's weird. I wonder what exactly it's doing that makes it crash.

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Posted on 02-14-18 11:21:57 PM Link | Quote
Dicking around with the move_objects on cheat in the original Sims. Don't delete the trashcan and mailbox, kids.

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Posted on 02-15-18 03:18:33 AM Link | Quote
If you delete the trash can, where is the mailbox supposed to go?

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Posted on 02-15-18 12:45:52 PM Link | Quote
More importantly, if you delete the trash can, what are your naked Sims supposed to stand in while blocking traffic?
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Posted on 03-17-18 11:49:38 AM (last edited by WarioBarker at 03-17-18 06:28:13 PM) Link | Quote
Originally posted by divingkataetheweirdo
David Wonn's site is still up, btw.

Something I've always wondered (and the site hasn't been updated in 12 years, so I feel comfortable asking this) - anybody know how to find/access the secret page? I've never been able to find it.
Annoying fuzzball
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Posted on 03-20-18 01:55:27 AM (last edited by Foxhack at 03-20-18 01:59:01 AM) Link | Quote
... it's not the commented out page in the source for etc.html, is it? "smksequel.html"

Edit: Ha! Found it.
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Jul - Gaming - Your first game-breaking bug New poll - New thread - New reply

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