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11-19-17 02:48:44 AM

Jul - Gaming - Your first game-breaking bug New poll - New thread - New reply
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Baby Mario
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Posted on 07-03-17 12:03:07 PM Link | Quote
What was it? Which game? How did you react? Did you restart the game? Was it truly a game-breaking bug or did you later find out a solution to it that doesn't involve restarting?

I was about 4 or 5 years old and the game was the original Link's Awakening. I still remember the very place where it happened:

In this room, on the top right corner, for god knows what reason, I threw the black ball you need to break the pillars onto the wall. And it got stuck! The ball was on top of the wall and there was no way for me to pick it back up. Now, it's been so long that I barely remember what I did after that. I might have ignored it and saved the game later, but the end result is the same: I could never pick up the ball again.

I ended up having to restart my file. And ever since, whenever I'm doing this dungeon I'm always very careful with that black ball... I've looked this up before and seen other people with this problem and others giving potential solutions, but I've never gotten around to trying them (this never happened to me again).
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Posted on 07-03-17 12:11:21 PM Link | Quote
first bugs that I can remember are from playing Rayman 2 and Rayman M on our home computer, and maybe other games too

the computer had stability issues (likely caused by NEC's customized BIOS), sometimes games would crash or close for no apparent reason

anyway I remember that epic bug that happened in Rayman 2, in the Iron Mountains level, in that part where you're supposed to ride a flying ship to rescue Globox's kids

normally, you spawn on a wooden bridge thing, and the ship is in the air further away waiting for you

but once, Rayman and the ship switched places

Rayman was basically stuck in the air where the ship should have been, and in the meantime I apparently was the ship, stuck on the wooden bridge and unable to move
That guy who worldbuilds
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Posted on 07-03-17 08:59:58 PM Link | Quote
Hmm… probably Half-Life 2 on 360, when I went the wrong way in the dune buggy in one level and ended up going out of bounds & freezing the game.

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Posted on 07-03-17 10:56:31 PM Link | Quote
Somehow I managed to find... not exactly game-breaking bugs, but it made it impossible to 100%.

And all I did in Banjo-Tooie? I went and gave the piglets fresh water for their pool before turning off the sludge. Somehow, the game only checks if both flags have been set off when they're given clean water when deciding whether or not to give the jiggy.

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Posted on 07-04-17 09:15:29 AM Link | Quote
the console port of Resident Evil Revelations

me and my gf were playing through Raid Mode, and while going through the final difficulty, i managed to knock an Ooze into the pool in the Solarium.

the only way to damage enemies underwater is with the electro grenades, and the both of us quickly went through all eight of ours doing minimal damage to this one. ended up restarting the level.

this was on my dumb bad 360 copy of the game that had read errors all the time, too

also, a long time ago i softlocked Sonic 2 by going Super at the goalpost, but this was on purpose after reading about it

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Posted on 07-04-17 10:44:31 AM Link | Quote
My first one is tough to remember...I don't think I ever did encounter one of these glitches as a kid? But I do know my most recent one, and this might be the first one I encountered accidentally, really.

It's from VVVVVV and made it almost impossible for me to 100%. I was able to complete the game normally, but the last trinket couldn't be saved, I would get it, then get into a cutscene (from where I can't save) which teleports to the secret lab (from where I also couldn't save). I posted the issue on the Steam Discussion forums and a person I know from SMWC was able to help me with this through a minor exploit in the game by using the R button (which insta-kills the player, even while in a cutscene).
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Posted on 07-04-17 06:27:41 PM Link | Quote
Hey, mine was Link's Awakening too! And in that same dungeon. Different spot though, pretty sure.

In hindsight, I may have been able to retrieve the ball wherever it was, but I was at a loss for how.

Then I accidentally left the game in the sun.

I also managed to use my keys in the wrong place in Oracle of Ages level 5 and got stuck, I think I made a jump I wasn't supposed to.

Star Mario
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Posted on 07-04-17 06:42:57 PM Link | Quote
This, when I was young enough that getting to level 1-2 was actually difficult:

I was small too, so couldn't even try the wall climbing trick if I knew about it.
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Posted on 07-05-17 01:49:52 AM Link | Quote
Going from my memory, the ones i recall:

Radioactive Teddybear Zombies - noclipping through the floor
This most famously happens on the second world's boss...
It sucks...
Said bug can happen not only to the player, but also enemies...

Spongebob: Invasion of The Lava King, after certain security updates to flash player - glitches everywhere
First thing that started to happen is the appearance of ghost objects, these were most commonly enemies and their projectiles, and they could cause Spongebob to take damage, and die. Patrick has also appeared as a ghost object, and this can corrupt the save if the save game menu gets used. (Although, I assume the SOL file could be edited to fix it...)
Second thing is the menus started to die. At first it was just auxiliary ones like sound/music, but as of last year, it affects ALL menus.
That said, this game is presently in an unplayable condition. (which is why I intend to port it)
On occasion, maps do not load properly, and this is particularly frustrating when returning from a successful raid of one of the dungeons.
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Posted on 07-07-17 01:13:13 AM Link | Quote
I...don't recall anything too awful crazy in the game bug department other than finding weird stuff happening.

Then I found David Wonn's site and whoo, man. Interest soared.
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Posted on 07-07-17 04:19:53 AM (last edited by BoringPerson at 07-07-17 04:20:28 AM) Link | Quote
Man, I remember David Wonn's site too! I can't recall any specific thing on that site aside from the name, but what I remember most is being really fascinated and wanting more.

Earlier than that, I remember playing Super Mario Bros. 2 when I was much younger. I got a Mushroom Block stuck inside a vine so I couldn't climb past it. I was like "No problem, I'll just grab another Mushroom Block and get it stuck in the vine too, that should make a little platform so I can jump past..."

Nope, I timed it wrong and blocked my way even more, and just like that I was stuck with no way to die. Back then I didn't know the trick make yourself die anywhere (Pause and hit Up+B+A on Controller 2), so that ended my play session. No save files, either! Oh well. I suppose it builds character, and I did manage to beat the game eventually.

Lantern Ghost
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Posted on 07-07-17 04:26:24 AM (last edited by divingkataetheweirdo at 07-07-17 04:27:25 AM) Link | Quote
David Wonn's site is still up, btw. Note that the sites under "Preserved copies of old web sites!" are dead b/c they were hosted on Geocities and I don't think anyone backed those particular subsites.

As for first game-breaking bug, I don't recall. I do recall glitching games a lot with GameShark on the N64 though.
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Posted on 07-07-17 07:02:09 AM Link | Quote
Funny enough, I used to chat with David Wonn a long time ago over AIM. Really nice guy. I was actually a pretty big contributor to the site too back in the day. He also broke the SMB3 Debug Mode code to me too and I was actually the first person to post it on my site, Game Genie Code Oddities, back in the day.
Reverend Crush
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Posted on 07-07-17 01:09:01 PM Link | Quote
A seven-year old me discovered the Fryguy bug in Super Mario Bros. 2 the hard way. I wasn't even that upset, I was more intrigued.

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Posted on 07-07-17 02:09:58 PM (last edited by divingkataetheweirdo at 07-07-17 02:39:22 PM) Link | Quote
Game Genie Code Oddities is still up. This is hosted on Angelfire though, which never shut down.

I do recall kids on the playground talking about Missingno, though I suspect a lot of 90's kids probably heard some mention of it too.

EDIT: Found a Flash version, which may be the newer GGCO.

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Posted on 07-07-17 02:18:51 PM Link | Quote
thinking about it, i started going to school after GSC came out, and didn't actually learn about missingno. until around sixth grade

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Posted on 07-07-17 02:53:54 PM Link | Quote
The earliest that I can remember is in Ocarina of Time, when I accidentally duplicated a fish in a bottle over my bow and saved.

While I certainly don't stumble into game-breakers very often, in more recent times when I was playing Dream Team, during the Dreambeats segment on the mountain where you have to freeze and unfreeze the platforms/geysers I managed to land on one of the platforms at the exact frame (I believe) that it started to rise up and fell through it with no way to get back up. Good thing I habitually save often.

(this was with the bug fix patch installed too)
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Posted on 07-08-17 06:34:22 PM Link | Quote
I can't say for sure, but this might be it.

Nothing like beating an act of Labyrinth Zone in Sonic 1 as a kid only to lose everything because you held down at the end.

I also encountered the Hammer Bros. glitch in Mario 3 as a kid. That one was a real kick to the jaw as well.

Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
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Posted on 07-08-17 08:13:08 PM Link | Quote
After thinking about it some more, i think the earliest dumb bug i came across was in 2004, after LEGO had moved their Bionicle site to a new server and they relaunched Mata Nui Online Game II - except they failed to migrate a handful of the files. as a result, some hasty editing was done to make areas that would crash the game inaccessible (which included the room where you could reset your game progress from). This made the game mostly playable, except they moved everyone's save files over too (saved serverside per username, instead of locally in cookies or what have you) and i happened to stop playing in one of the broken rooms. Oops! luckily, as part of the relaunch they explained how to reset your game through the game's console, so i resorted to that eventually.

on the next playthrough, i encountered the bug that triggers the endgame state early while i didn't have the items i needed to be able to finish it. 10/10 LEGO.

Moon Bunny! :3
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Posted on 07-09-17 06:09:31 AM Link | Quote
The earliest game breaking bug I remember happing to me was actually in LA DX too. It was one of the earlier rooms in tall tall mountain that has a bunch of pegasus boots pillars. I think I was trying to trick jump around them, and got like got stuck somehow beside or within them. And I couldn't do anything because the message that plays when you touch one kept playing ad-infinitum.
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