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04-26-18 08:25:57 PM

Jul - General Chat - How is your workplace? New poll - New thread - New reply
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Temperature-wise, how is your workplace generally?
If you don't have a job, you could talk about a previous job or school classrooms.
Too Cold
13.3%, 2 votes
Just Right
46.7%, 7 votes
Too Hot
40.0%, 6 votes
Multi-voting is disabled. 15 users have voted.


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Posted on 06-28-17 10:07:48 AM Link | Quote
Mine is way too cold and I can't stand it. I'm thinking of getting a space heater or something. Of course we have some employees who think this is just right or a bit warm, but I think they're ridiculous.

The thermostat wars are real.

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Posted on 06-28-17 10:48:01 AM Link | Quote
When it's too cold, you can always put on more clothes. If it's too hot, you can't do anything, since you can't very well run around half-naked.

Just throw on an extra shirt or a sweater

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Posted on 06-28-17 10:57:19 AM Link | Quote
I think I will have to start bringing a sweater. My fingers also get really cold, but I have to type so gloves won't help there. We used to have electric blankets and those were great but now our boss doesn't want us using them anymore ... I guess we looked too much like a bunch of hobos in the office
Part boy, part car; Boycar, Protector and King of Chilladelphia
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Posted on 06-28-17 07:31:27 PM Link | Quote
Too hot. Not much we can do about it either, with the giant bakery oven and all that. There's A/C in the building, which helps, but it likes to freeze up before it really cools the place down.
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Posted on 06-29-17 02:01:19 AM Link | Quote
Don't have a job, can't remember the temperature at school, the irritating POLITICAL climate is what i was always fixed on, there...

sometimes my hobby programming projects FEEL like a job, though.
(and to be perfectly honest, i'm partial to freelance/independent work, or at least, jobs i can do from home. various reasons...)

as i mentioned in the summer thread, the thermostat is always set to whatever is most comfortable to ONE specific individual...

Being naked wouldn't keep me cool, no amount of covers (at least to where it's not restrictive of motion) will keep me from freezing. most of them time, it's too hot...

so, basically: miserable...

my guess is with my particular temperature requirements, whatever combination of ambient temperatures and "professional dress attire" will make me EXTREMELY uncomfortable. i can pretty much, guarantee it.

hopefully i'm not totally violating the rules of posting here?

i help operate the food booth for the service club i am a member of. in a way, that's a job. totally unpaid one, but i am quite happy to do it. Some Parts of the year, it is too hot. It's occasionally too cold, but standing by heat lamps, grills, or deep fryers QUICKLY resolves the latter
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Posted on 06-29-17 11:16:34 PM Link | Quote
The air conditioning is fine. No real complaints on that.

Star Mario
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Posted on 06-30-17 11:54:20 AM Link | Quote
At his point in the year it's actually just right for me. During the winter months though it gets chilly.

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Posted on 07-01-17 09:36:20 PM Link | Quote
It could stand to be a little warmer, but it's better than back when I worked in the lab and had to keep a sweater at my desk
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Posted on 07-04-17 10:02:41 AM Link | Quote
I assume my school should be at about 15°C right about now, just a bit warmer than the temperature outside. It's been kinda cold recently, which would make sense since it's winter, but it's surprising to see the seasons actually work here for once.
Reverend Crush
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Posted on 07-04-17 11:17:49 PM Link | Quote
I'm right under a vent. I have to wear flannel and thermals in the summer.

Holy SwordsMan
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Posted on 07-06-17 11:11:53 AM Link | Quote
Our heating and cooling is supposed to be controlled by some super smart system they implemented into the building. It's still too hot in the winter and too cold in the summer. Luckily you can just step outside for a few minutes to counteract whichever extreme you need to. It's 110 (f) degrees outside but I still have to wear a jacket for an hour or two in the afternoon while at work.
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Posted on 07-16-17 01:17:49 AM Link | Quote
I have a dedicated AC for my office. I don't quite know how it came to be, but suffice it to say it's just right. (Although in general the building is kept way too hot.)

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Posted on 07-16-17 01:30:48 AM Link | Quote
Frustratingly, work is better-cooled than home. It's a constantly nice 72-75°F at work, but during the daytime at home it's getting up to 80-82°F even with the AC running constantly.
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Posted on 07-16-17 10:10:49 AM Link | Quote
I feel your pain. My house does nothing to keep heating and cooling in. I plan to replace all of the windows this year but I don't know if the money will pan out.

Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
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Posted on 07-16-17 10:43:29 AM Link | Quote
i work outside

it's hot outside
Robbie Rage

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Posted on 07-16-17 06:23:43 PM Link | Quote
My building has been really warm since the AC unit keep breaking. Most of the time it's tolerable, but sometimes it gets too warm to bear.

On the upside, the dress code is relatively relaxed, so that's a plus.
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Posted on 07-17-17 08:32:23 PM Link | Quote
The building I go to (because internship) tends to jump between being just right and stupidly hot, even with an air conditioning.

I'd say it tends to be stupidly hot more often than not.
But hey, at least it's not like the previous school when there wasn't even the concept of air conditioning.
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Posted on 07-18-17 09:41:30 AM Link | Quote
I leave the windows open and it's just fine, even though it gets hot outside (~30°C)

coworkers like putting the AC on though, which is dumb when the entrance door is left open. herpderp
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Posted on 08-01-17 09:49:08 PM Link | Quote
The office was really variable. Like… patchy. I'm finding this seems to happen with some ducted systems, because we have one at home too, and some spots are warmer than others.

The difference is that at home I can mess with the temperature.
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