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01-19-18 08:15:29 AM

Jul - Craziness Domain - I have a Fidget Spinner New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 06-10-17 05:54:58 PM Link | Quote
I ended up buying one from a gas station for $5; it's cheap and crap, but it's fun to spin on the table when I'm here. Doesn't fit in the hand well, though.

Bought a fidget cube, too, which will arrive soon. Maybe it will replace the handful of plastic utensils I keep on my desk

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Posted on 06-17-17 11:22:32 PM Link | Quote
I've found Acey's fidget cube a couple of times and goofed around with it. Somehow it was less satisfying than I felt like these things were attempting to sell, unfortunately. :\

Posted on 06-18-17 12:32:41 AM Link | Quote
They aren't for everyone. For example, the cheap one I bought is fun to fumble with, but I still seem to prefer the plastic forks I have on my desk for 'fidgeting' purposes.

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Posted on 06-18-17 10:04:09 AM Link | Quote
I do not fidget with anything. I do not know why considering how twitchy I am and how much I hate sitting still.
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Posted on 06-20-17 10:17:14 PM Link | Quote
I find the fidget cube and the fidget spinner to be very different to fidget with, too. Like, one is… more active? I guess?

I read somewhere that this is not exactly a new phenomenon, and it's silly we're carrying on about this new "fad" like it's the end of the world or something. There's those balls you play with (stress balls, but also Baoding balls), and worry beads (kompoloi), and I'm sure everyone knows someone who spins pens (or clicks them). These will just be new tools for idle hands.
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Posted on 06-27-17 02:06:35 PM Link | Quote
I've seen a few of those around here in Finland too, kids and shops advertising em. I tried a superheavy one and really liked how it feels / spins forever. I haven't bought one though, I'm not really fidget-y person.
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Posted on 07-05-17 08:10:47 PM Link | Quote
My wife got me a cheap one from Michael's when she was picking up paints. I wanted one because I have a tiny restless leg issue. They're addicting, but I think the health benefits that have hyped fidget spinners up are mostly placebo. I could be wrong, because it does help with my anxiety issues.

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Posted on 07-05-17 10:47:54 PM Link | Quote
It's just a toy that stimulates pleasure centers in the brain releasing serotonin, et al.

I would buy one but only if it cost less than a beer...
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Jul - Craziness Domain - I have a Fidget Spinner New poll - New thread - New reply

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