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M'Lord, there's a knife in your head!
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Posted on 05-15-17 12:10:48 AM Link | Quote
What's a subject that you could talk on and on for a long time for, if given the opportunity to do so?

Moon Bunny! :3
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Posted on 05-15-17 07:12:31 AM Link | Quote
My long running list of complaints that I have with the mainline pokemon games. :V

I feel that series plays it a bit too "safe" too often and hasn't really gotten around to fixing quite a few problems that have been around forever. Furthermore it tries to do things that is rather counter-intuitive when you look at the rest of the design.

Nipper Plant
Trying (and failing) to learn Lua.
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Posted on 05-15-17 10:57:07 AM Link | Quote
Glitches in videogames, mostly the completely useless and boring ones that do almost nothing. I swear I find them in every game I play.

Red Paratroopa
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Posted on 05-15-17 02:20:07 PM (last edited by Nin★Collin at 06-30-17 01:52:18 PM) Link | Quote
Originally posted by SamEarl13
Glitches in videogames, mostly the completely useless and boring ones that do almost nothing.

This and computers. I could talk on the subject of computers all day.

Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
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Posted on 05-18-17 02:18:20 PM Link | Quote
get me started up on Bionicle and hoo boy

i think the longest i've spent at one time so far was ten consecutive hours just rambling to a friend about it

Star Mario
Placeholder Ikachan until :effort: is found
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Posted on 05-19-17 01:06:34 AM Link | Quote
Admittedly, right now I feel like a huge venting of my emotions and thoughts recently to my therapist is becoming an imminent thing.
The administration (as well as a few users) have decided that you're creepy/weird enough that it's time to activate the sploded clause.

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Posted on 05-19-17 01:18:02 AM Link | Quote
virtually ANYTHING, given the right circumstances, but a few that are almost certain:

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