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10-22-18 02:17:25 AM

Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - How to "rip" PS2/Jak and Daxter .mus files? New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 04-29-17 08:56:48 AM Link | Quote
I was curious as to whether or not anyone here knew how to "rip" the .mus files in multiple PS2 games. They're sequenced, yes, but on our pages for Jak 1 & II we have very clean sounding files that I can't help but assume were ripped somehow. Any ideas?

Nipper Plant
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Posted on 04-29-17 03:59:42 PM Link | Quote
I don't think there is any way to rip them from the file themselves (or at least no one has found a way yet) so I'd assume someone recorded them by emulating the game and doing it that way. In fact apparently even the developers themselves found it difficult and that's why the music is a little messed up in the HD collection.

TCRF Super Editor
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Posted on 04-29-17 05:18:58 PM Link | Quote
You could ask Kyubey22. There's VGSC (or vgstream, if you don't like the UI and simply want the command line), but that's rather bugged. There's also SoundExchange, but does that work with .mus files?

Honestly, not at all familiar with PS2 hacking yet. Best of luck.
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Posted on 05-01-17 10:54:29 AM (last edited by Luminar at 05-01-17 10:55:07 AM) Link | Quote
I recorded them, most of them were accessed by memory editing the running game to make it play something that was never supposed to play.

And.... MUS ripping is kind of possible, but I prefer recording from the game because MUS ripping is difficult and inaccurate, and you have to set a lot of things manually.

The newer videos have more accurate music rips than the older ones:
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Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - How to "rip" PS2/Jak and Daxter .mus files? New poll - New thread - New reply

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