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10-20-18 04:23:42 AM

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Posted on 03-02-17 04:01:26 AM Link | Quote
My apologies if something like this already exists, there's too many threads for me to sift-through them to find if everything was discussed at some point in the past.

So, basically, discuss pros/cons, or perceived pros/cons of the various engines,runtimes,plugins,etc... that power your favorite games, or games you have played, or even games you've made or are making/modding/hacking. Can also just talk about your experiences with them...

So, I'll start with Macromedia/Adobe Shockwave since I've recently been spending some time trying to reverse-engineer it, and it does (unfortunately) power some of my favorite games.

As a user:
absolutely none, it's generally a pain in the ass
1. annoying updater
2. annoying/slow/unstable installer
3. the 'modularity' by the XTRA system sacrifices compatibility/stability for the movies, some games were killed by this.
4. in general, it's not super compatible, period... every game made by it is likely a ticking time-bomb waiting for an update to break it permanently
5. security holes? Personally, never experienced them... They exist is really all I know. They do impact my ability to play games when firefox decides that I want it disabled till it's updated...
6. Not nearly as well supported

as a developer:
can't say anything here, never developed with it, never will...

as a hacker:
1. known base format makes it somewhat easy to dissect
2. closed format makes it hard to actually get anything from, and just further ensures all games made with it one day will be useless files that may as well be deleted.
3. three formats, one with drastic changes from the other two, really make it quite the pain in the arse to crack.
4. The XTRAs will pose a massive challenge to anyone who ever tries to make another player (excluding adobe), since these re-named DLLs are essential to playing a majority of Shockwave content
5. Some parts of the format don't even seem to make sense, and/or are inconsistent...

Next, Flash:

as a user:
1. Delivers better and generally better performing content than HTML5 Canvas at this rate ever will.
2. It is widely supported by both commercial-proprietary and free/open source tools
3. It is fairly consistent
4. Updates do not as often completely break my favorite games
1. Not specifically anything to Flash, but rather firefox: "SECURITY FEATURES" THAT GET IN MY WAY WHEN TRYING TO PLAY GAMES

as a developer:
1. The semi-open format, although I am most interested in XFL so as to export stuff WITHOUT the IDE
2. I'm not a skilled enough programmer/animator, but movieclips and actrionscript are extremely powerful tools in the hands of an expert. There's a lot of particularly difficult tasks that Flash makes a walk in the park. I'd argue it's the only Swiss army knife type of program/tool that WORKS
1. the Flash IDE can be unstable
2. keeping certain assets ONLY in flash formats, exporting them in a "source" format is thus, not an option

as a hacker:
1. Most flash games can decompile without issue...
2. From solely a ripping standpoint, vectors/shapes and nested movieclips REALLY suck to export 'properly'...

I'll just list those two for now... Maybe I'll follow-up with actual examples, but IDK. I just thought this was an interesting topic to discuss. Hopefully this is in the right forum? This feels like something that's too specific for general chat, yet doesn't fit completely in gaming or hacking, either.
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Jul - Gaming - Engines/Runtimes : Rise + Downfall New poll - New thread - New reply

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