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11-20-18 06:54:28 PM

Jul - Entertainment - If you could only watch one TV show for the rest of your life, what would it be? New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 03-03-18 01:22:25 PM Link | Quote
hrmm... if i had the option of only being able to watch nature or social documentaries for the rest of my life id be perfectly content with that. but if i had to pick a specific show then.. maybe the pokemon anime? theres enough episodes and theyre all unserious enough that itd be hard to get bored or annoyed by it really.
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Posted on 03-03-18 01:28:56 PM Link | Quote
My answer is unequivocally Stargate and I can not believe that I am not the first person in this thread to say that

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Posted on 03-03-18 01:38:46 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by devin
Originally posted by sofi
then you are going to be stuck with an infinite supply of bad Simpsons diluting the good ones for the rest of your life. right now we're at a 8:17 good:bad Simpsons ratio. are you sure you'll be ok with this?

Nobody said anything about having to watch new episodes

i did now, enjoy your bad episodes
Possibly neither Girly nor Dragon.
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Posted on 03-03-18 05:28:52 PM Link | Quote
For me it would most probably be Friends. It's certainly not the best show of all time, but it's one of the few shows that are both long and make me consistently laugh at it.

It's something I feel I could both watch in marathons and a single episode every now and then.

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Posted on 06-15-18 02:31:08 AM Link | Quote
every time i watch the simpsons i pick up on some new joke or some new perspective on an old joke

plus the tone of the show is like one of very few that i never get fucken bored or tired of

so yeah the simpsons is a good pick here
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Posted on 06-15-18 02:55:05 AM Link | Quote
high school dxd
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Posted on 06-15-18 05:00:09 AM Link | Quote
Can I not? TV shows scare me. I'm already not watching any.

Assuming it's possible, I'd choose some documentaries or twitch streams.
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Posted on 06-15-18 08:29:25 PM Link | Quote
I'm not sure.

I guess I'd choose between either Star Trek, or Leverage.
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Posted on 06-16-18 01:58:58 PM Link | Quote
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

I rewatch old episodes of Sunny all the time. If I need to kill some time, I'll just watch a random Sunny episode off Hulu. I watch Sunny the same way kids in my time would watch a block of Loony Tunes; sure, I've seen ever episode at least a dozen times but it's still entertaining. I do think the show may have jumped the shark with last season's finale, either that or they're preparing to end the show within the next couple of years, but it's still my favorite show on TV.

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Posted on 10-06-18 07:46:26 AM Link | Quote
probably Only Fools and Horses, a brilliant UK sitcom from the 80s that set the bar pretty high for anything else to come after it

it went from being only viewed by 8 million in the first season to breaking TV records, John Sullivan singlehandedly revolutionised sitcoms at the time (most were set in middle class environment, OFAH is set in the Peckham working class environment!), which is probably why so many UK-produced ones in the 90s were really good and relatable

it also mixes a lot of drama in, gives you something to cry and laugh about ^^;

brilliant show.

Red Koopa
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Posted on 10-25-18 10:42:54 AM Link | Quote
For me it would be Urusei Yatsura.

Just the variety of the show, and I really love the humor at play. I can watch episodes without subtitles and still know what's going on and what's going to happen, as the characters are consistent. I think.

And the music is just great.
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Jul - Entertainment - If you could only watch one TV show for the rest of your life, what would it be? New poll - New thread - New reply

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