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11-13-18 12:12:27 AM

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Posted on 12-27-16 09:17:48 PM (last edited by divingkataetheweirdo at 12-27-16 09:18:31 PM) Link | Quote
This here is my 666th post.

I don't know what to do here, but here...

Have a decompressor tool I've been coding up.

Moon Bunny! :3
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Posted on 12-27-16 09:21:30 PM Link | Quote
HEY-O! Getting closer to that 700 marker in your signature, if nothing else!

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Posted on 12-27-16 09:34:28 PM Link | Quote
What is it for? (the tool, I mean.)

Other than that, nice? My trip to Costco last night cost $444, so it's been one of those sets-of-numbers days, I suppose.

TCRF Super Editor
Level: 54

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Posted on 12-27-16 09:45:52 PM (last edited by divingkataetheweirdo at 12-27-16 09:47:27 PM) Link | Quote
Here's how to use it...

This is a very basic decompressor, meant to decompress individual files that were compressed with common compression algorithms. It works through the command line and the name of the file is decompressor.cpp. I intentionally made this as OS-agnostic as possible, though this was coded with CodeBlocks 16.01 on Windows. I was able to compile this through GCC 4.9.2.

It works like so:
decompressor arg1 inputfile outputfile offset

In arg1, it accepts the following:
packbits - The Packbits compression
fourbrle - Bit-packed RLE; higher 4 bits for number of repetitions, lower 4 for the data (used for 16*16 tiles)
lzw - LZW compression
huffman - Huffman compression (this is very fuzzy for me)

For offset, just enter 0. The plan is to eventually shift the file pointer to the address you want to start at, in case the file has a header. I also plan to for you to add how far into the file you want to decompress said data.

If you want to, add the following the code after line 62:

else if (strcmp("eightbrle", test_input) == 0){
printf("Time to decompress a plain 8-bit RLE compressed file. \n");
plain_8b_rle_decompress(argv[2], argv[3], argv[4]);

This allows you to decompress one of the more common versions of RLE. That is a value between 0-255 signifying the number of repetitions, followed by the value to be repeated.

I did this largely for practice, so it isn't terribly useful for IRL purposes.
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Posted on 12-28-16 07:16:03 AM Link | Quote
Aw, I expected something like "GAME OVER RETURN OF JAFAR" for a thread with this title.

I'm severely disappointed. :v
Zero One
And as we fall the spirit carries on,
That a hero'll come and save us all,
As we call the ones we left below,
We all dream of the day we rise above
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Posted on 12-28-16 02:38:08 PM (last edited by Zero One at 12-28-16 02:38:43 PM) Link | Quote
I bought a game for £6.66, pre-VAT, so I was amused. Keep postin'! I passed the 5000 mark without realising it. I'm sure I wasted it on a completely dumb post, as usual.
The administration (as well as a few users) have decided that you're creepy/weird enough that it's time to activate the sploded clause.

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Posted on 01-01-17 04:30:22 AM Link | Quote
A month or so ago, my mom and I went to Carl's Jr. for dinner, then took something home for my dad

The price for my dad's food was $6.66

also, fun fact: I fairly often look at a clock when it's 4:04
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