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11-17-18 01:34:08 AM

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Posted on 12-11-16 06:36:47 PM (last edited by Lunaria at 04-02-17 05:26:09 PM) Link | Quote

This is Nestastic, a Zelda Classic Quest I recently finished. This one was made more on a whim and took around a week all in all to make (testing including). Nestastic strives to look and feel like Zelda 1 in many regards, while on the same time disregarding what clearly didn't work very well. Lot's of features built into the ZC engine are avalible to players: A proper map to get a better idea where you are, 8-directional movement, quick item switching, and much more.

The quest generally follows Zelda 1 in that there are eight dungeons and then Ganon's lair, as well as a complete overworld to explore. Some items are a bit different and/or "new" so there should be some surprises here, especially if you haven't played many Zelda Classic quests!

You can find the quest with all files included here: Link (Keep all the files from the archive in the same folder!)
To play Zelda Classic Quests you'll need Zelda Classic, so if you don't have that you can get it here: Link

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Jul - Projects and Creations - Nestastic New poll - New thread - New reply

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