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09-20-17 06:44:18 PM

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Posted on 12-09-16 07:45:07 PM Link | Quote
So, I have been working on a Zelda Classic quest since the end of summer. It's basically inspired by a couple of other games I played around that time and is generally centred around just plain odd gimmicks and ideas. I figured I'd make a thread here to talk about it in case anyone have an interest in trying it (once it's done, of course!).

New HUD vs old hud. :V (ignore the counter under the hud, it's for bug testing!)

I could try and say that the game focuses more on puzzles than the usual Zelda affair, and while that would be correct, it wouldn't cut into the heart of the issue. "Obtuse" would also be close but not really hit the mark. The game is basically meant to be for people who like to explore..., but also like to figure out EVERYTHING on their own, with no handholding nor help. While also featuring fairly abstract concepts and ideas in regards to how you're supposed to play it. As such, the audience for it will probably be limited, at best.

I don't really think the concept of how this game will play at all comes across from the screenshots, for those not in the know it looks like just a Oracles or possibly Link's Awakening knock-off. It's a very niche thing I think, I'm mostly just making it to satisfy my own curiosity in regards to certain design concepts, (and also an excuse to train to draw some GB Zelda style graphics).
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Jul - Projects and Creations - Side project storm New poll - New thread - New reply

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