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09-24-18 11:22:35 PM

Jul - Computers and Technology - Something is wrong with your Windows computer... New poll - New thread - New reply
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How do you go about trying to fix the problem?
Basically, when faced with a general problem, what are your steps to solve it?
Try to fix it, but end up making things worse.
10.0%, 2 votes
Try to fix it on your own, and if you can't, then hop on the web for a solution.
80.0%, 16 votes
Go immediately to the web.   0.0%, 0 votes
Call Microsoft Technical Support.   0.0%, 0 votes
Format the hard drive and reinstall Windows.
5.0%, 1 vote
Restore from a recent restore point or backup.   0.0%, 0 votes
Take it to a repair shop.   0.0%, 0 votes
Say "Screw this dang infernal contraption!" and give up.
5.0%, 1 vote
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Posted on 10-20-16 09:01:32 PM (last edited by Nin★Collin at 06-30-17 01:52:01 PM) Link | Quote
I usually attempt to figure things out myself, and when all fails, hop on the interwebs. Usually start with a page on Microsoft's website, but since I usually have problems with older things, most of the pages I see are old and archived.

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Posted on 10-21-16 01:52:37 AM Link | Quote
[insert linux here if all options fail]
Zero One
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Posted on 10-21-16 08:27:27 AM Link | Quote
I'm usually able to fix it. If not, Google. Or my dad.
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From: your dreams

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Posted on 10-21-16 08:42:08 AM Link | Quote
I vaporize it with my death ray.

It's not the most cost-effective solution, but it gets rid of the problem.

More seriously, I either attempt to find the issue or google it, but rarely ever rely on physical persons. My parents are the kind who think that applying Windows updates will fix anything, and my sister comes to me whenever she runs into computer trouble, so yeah
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Posted on 10-21-16 11:01:58 AM (last edited by Kak at 10-21-16 11:02:12 AM) Link | Quote
I try to fix it.

Most of the times it works, sometimes it doesn't.

and when it doesn't, it ends up in the worst possible way (read: requiring ""format"" & reinstall )
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Posted on 10-21-16 05:47:33 PM Link | Quote
Most of the time I try to fix things they end up breaking even more, but at least there's plenty of duct tape here.
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Posted on 10-22-16 08:36:52 PM Link | Quote
A mix of the first and the second option.

I do eventually fix it myself, either with or without googling, but a lot of the time I create a fair bit of extra problems that need fixing inbetween.
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Jul - Computers and Technology - Something is wrong with your Windows computer... New poll - New thread - New reply

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