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Jul - General Chat - How did you get here? New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 09-19-16 07:58:48 PM (last edited by skyu at 09-19-16 07:59:09 PM) Link | Quote
I probably found out about this place mostly from NSMBHD.

NSMBHD (which was originally a jul split apparently) had a "1 Letter Swap Game" thread made by Gridatttack which he stated "from z-byte at jul" which was where he copied most of the rules.

being the curious person I was, I googled "jul". I eventually found this place and was actually surprised it was an acmlmboard; I didn't see many at the time

Either way, yeah. I like this place; friendly community, interesting stuff from TRCF, and yeah; it's an Acmlmboard, you can't dislike it

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Posted on 09-19-16 08:15:47 PM Link | Quote
If I remember corrently, I joined back in late 2006 during the final months of Inc3. I'd just learned about Super Metroid romhacking and was looking both for help and a place to show off what I'd done. I found the now long-offline and met Lunaria there under a different name. Looking for other places, I think I heard rumblings of an "Acmlm's Board" on a couple romhacking sites so I googled it and decided to join. After that, I followed everyone to Board2 when inc3 died, then followed to this version of Jul when Board2 split again.
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Posted on 09-20-16 08:19:14 PM (last edited by shagia at 09-20-16 08:19:25 PM) Link | Quote
I joined pretty friggin late, fully unaware of the history behind Jul since I found the forum through TCRF. I would always lurk TCRF for it's really dang nice articles on unreleased content in video games and at the time I was lookin for a new place to hang out, so I found #tcrf and #x and started talking for a bit, and here I am.

I haven't been talking in the discord or the IRC _at all_ because I've been pretty caught up with a lot in life but I still lurk

which is weird...maybe

dont judge me

Red Koopa
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Posted on 09-28-16 08:42:16 PM Link | Quote
Registered on 06-10-05 during Acmlm's incarnation 2 (pretty late). Followed incarnation 3 for a while, but didn't register until I managed to swipe user id 910 (naming myself stag910). At some point, some script kiddie named Roger (haven't even thought of that guy in several fucking years) stole my (extremely simple) password, probably from some random copy Acmlmboard because I used the same password everywhere back then. He posted same gay shit with my account and I ended up banned. Don't think it was that far away from incarnation 4, which I registered on much earlier (user id 27).

At some point I got bored enough to figure out a way to run custom PHP code on their server, retrieving the database password so I could log into their phpmyadmin. I did a bunch of random things (editing this post to be posted exactly at midnight to the second, or my personal favorite, knowing exactly who was posting during that whole Anonymous experiment [1 Lex Luthor was once Jeshua, 2]). I eventually was caught and banned, but not permanently somehow. After the booting out of Xkeeper, I got pissed off at everyone there and just kinda shit posted for like a year. Eventually I tried to return like a normal user but that place was just too dead.

As far as Jul itself, I registered with user id 28 here back when I'm assuming this place was still fairly new. Not long after Xkeeper was booted from incarnation 4, I made this my permanent residence for a bit, before being banned for threatening to hack the place. Years later I asked Xkeeper if I could reregister, and he decided since I hadn't been a bother for so long that I was probably not a threat anymore. I never really hit the activity level I used to have, because just like everyone else, getting older and having a real life gets in the way.

Although I do still have a decent amount of free time. I spend way too much of it on Reddit, never checking anywhere else anymore, even though Jul is still my first tab in my browser every time I open it. I managed to beat a heroin addiction, but can't beat a Reddit addiction. I don't really post there though, just lurk. Sorta like I occasionally still do here...

I'm bored now...
*stag019 posts
Part boy, part car; Boycar, Protector and King of Chilladelphia
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Posted on 10-02-16 03:16:04 PM Link | Quote
Registered on 08-24-07 12:27:44 PM.

I go way back to I2 of Acmlm's, mainly for SMW and Pokemon hacking (neither of which really got anywhere, I mean, I was 11). Then I just kinda followed the crowd after the I4 split, and here I am! The last few years have been mainly lurking, just because I spend more time on Reddit, generally.

It's funny, I've been around for over 10 between here and there, but I don't know that I'd call myself an oldbie or anything, just because aside from posting I was never really active in the community outside of the board.
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Posted on 10-05-16 03:33:41 AM (last edited by MooMilk at 10-05-16 03:34:15 AM) Link | Quote
I found the old TCRF website years ago and enjoyed what was there. Then the wiki came and I was hooked once again. So much info.
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Posted on 10-08-16 04:02:22 AM Link | Quote
I think through TCRF.

Otherwise, I really don't remember.
The administration (as well as a few users) have decided that you're creepy/weird enough that it's time to activate the sploded clause.

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Posted on 10-08-16 11:21:13 PM Link | Quote
I stumbled upon the thread about DP leftovers in the SFA Kiosk a few months ago.
I debated for a while joining here, though...for various reasons.

I am generally just lurking, as I don't have much to say or contribute, and also due to some happenings on another forum site.

Robbie Rage

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Posted on 11-22-16 10:50:03 AM Link | Quote
I was actually a regular poster on the first incarnation of Acmlm's Board many years ago under a different name. A friend from high school originally introduced me and some of our mutual friends to the board, and it became a staple of our online presence at the time. I loved the Sim-Battle Arena and Story Forum, and it was one of my first forays into the world of creative writing. It was simple, a bit crude, and so much fun.

Over time, we all began going inactive as we began graduating and other priorities began taking over. I still lurked and occasionally posted all through the second incarnation until some personal matters came to pass. In addition, the original user who introduced me to Acmlm's Board, a guy who posted under the names Trunxy and Jin Dogan, unexpectedly passed away in a swimming accident. After he died, it felt like a huge chunk of childhood innocence was gone. His memorial was the last time all of our real life "Acmlm friends" were all together.

Years later, in a fit of nostalgia, I dug up thousands of my old posts from the old board's archive. They were super awkward to the moon, but it was a wonderful time capsule to a far simpler era in my life. During my search to chronicle what happened to the board, I eventually stumbled onto Xkeeper's site and discovered this board. I was super excited to see that Xkeeper, Colin, and a number of other Acmlm "alumni" still were around in some form. I immediately made an account, and here I am.

I don't know how much I'll be posting here in the future, but at the current moment I'm just glad that the Acmlm style of forum posting, along with the people that made it great, still continues today. To Xkeeper and those from those earlier incarnations, I sincerely thank you for the part you played in some very fun years, no matter how small your part may have been. Thanks for keeping the board experience going, and I look forward to whatever comes next.
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Posted on 11-23-16 06:30:33 AM Link | Quote
When searching for acmlmboard related things.

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Posted on 11-24-16 02:53:32 PM Link | Quote
According to my first post here, I showed up in late 2008 with ambition in my heart and no thought in my head. I must've seen someone who'd advertised the place and figured I'd check it out, or stumbled on it through SMWC, somehow. In any case, that project turned out the way of the and nothing actually happened. I made a thread about coming back some time in 2009, wondering if anyone actually remembered me at all, and as it turns out, people did. I continued being active through part of 2010, and then dropped off the face of the planet, for all anyone who doesn't visit SMWC knows.

I was looking around the possible badges you can gain on SMWC, and I saw that I once developed a banner ad that got hosted here. Apparently it was shit quality, and I wanted to go find what it was, but it simply doesn't exist anymore. So, now I'm back again. Hi.
unsociallly minded
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Posted on 11-25-16 09:45:17 AM Link | Quote
1999 got new computer, interested in video games and ROMS. FF, CV, etc. I stumbled upon Zophar's Domain and then eventually researched all the old FF's and Castlevania's thanks to Castlevania Dungeon. Thereafter found "The New Final Fantasy" as they were making their own 2D Final Fantasy remake.
- Started my own fan website/forum entitled "The End of Final Fantasy" summer of '99 (this was a very popular thing to do in the late 1990's, there were small fan sites for video games, music artists, etc. it was an extremely inefficient version of what the web has become today.)
-- at its peak, I was able to join the yahoo directory for fan websites on Final Fantasy, which produced over 200 unique hits per day - this is was when yahoo used to categorize search results
-- during this time, there were several other websites/forums that were flourishing like EyesonFF(still in existence) and FF Legend. EyesonFF and FFL were two i frequented, and in passing i started following a member "Citizen Bleys" who had his own forum entitled "The Bastardly Forums"
-- on Bastardly, there were several unique users as well as discussions you wouldn't find elsewhere on the internet. There I met "Acmlm" as he was tinkering with hacks for SMB and several hackers were on Bastardly showcasing their hacks
-- i started speaking with Acmlm frequently over instant messenger and recall the initial time he was working on his own board. this had to be sometime in 2000. i know he didn't want to pay for a UBB or VBB and the other alternatives were ezboard which wasn't doing it.
-- i recall Acmlm started the board with just PHP, no database at all. strictly PHP was good for about a month until request times blew out of proportion and Acmlm started working on MySQL integration. I forget when Emuz was part of this project but I know it was early on as well.
-- That summer I believe there was finally a beta version available. by then EZboard's became less and less frequented by the communities as the popular fan forums were either transitioned to VBB or alternatives including Acmlm Board
-- The summer of 2000 is essentially when Acmlm board took off and gained interest and popularity. i am sure many of the community that are here now might owe it to that summer (i can recognize many handles here right now from 16 years ago...)

that is a brief history, i left after that summer and casually posted thereafter as other life obligations took hold. the whole "growing" up period i suppose inflicts everyone eventually. so that's where i am, a good 16+ years later and i'm back here. why? i decided to google my old screennames i used to post on acmlm board and the internet back in the day. somewhat of a nostalgia trip and i found this place. i've tried to come back once and i recall i wasn't welcome. maybe round 2 will be better...

questions as i am curious -

1. is this the most active board?
2. where is acmlm? emuz?
Robbie Rage

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Posted on 11-25-16 12:18:57 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by unsociallly minded
questions as i am curious -

1. is this the most active board?
2. where is acmlm? emuz?

First of all, welcome! I have a similar background to you, as I believe I was part of the summertime influx you mentioned, or at least not long after that. I'm also checking out what remains from those days, and this is what I've found so far:

- What remains of the singular Acmlm's Board community seems divided across three main boards: this place (Jul), Kafuka, and Board2.

- At the current moment, the most active board of the three definitely seems to be Kafuka, and has a great deal of older names you may recognize. Acmlm still has an account there, and Emuz continues on as an administrator. Xkeeper and other former regulars remain exclusively on Jul, though some (like StapleButter and myself) have accounts on both boards.

- Board2 seems like it used to be quite active, but is now largely abandoned save for a few sporadic posters on the rom hacking forums.

- If you're interested in learning more about the progression of things since then, Xkeeper crafted this great blog post talking about the history of Acmlm's Board and the original purpose of Jul. I highly recommend checking it out.
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Posted on 11-26-16 03:42:07 AM Link | Quote
Acmlm still is on the Jul IRC chat and in here too. He streams from time to time on Twitch too (in fact that's what he's doing at the time of posting this!).

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Posted on 11-26-16 03:53:36 AM Link | Quote
The Internet.


Rhea Snaketail
Slightly frazzled...
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Posted on 11-27-16 04:04:39 AM Link | Quote
Honestly, I don't even remember anymore. I first met Acmlm on either Zophar's Message Domain or Bastardly Productions nearly twenty years ago, followed him to his ROM Hack Domain, and most everything between then and now is a blur. At some point I met Xkeeper, he moved in with me, then I moved in with him, and now everything is terrible

Notable achievements along the way: contributed to the first SMB2 editor (made by Acmlm), created rusted logic (Jul's current home), helped kickstart serious SMW hacking on the old SMW Hacking subforum (Super Mario Odyssey demo, various ASM hacks e.g. LevelASM), founded TCRF, got old
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Posted on 11-27-16 06:07:39 AM (last edited by Eppy37 at 11-27-16 06:08:06 AM) Link | Quote
I was following a lot of Super Metroid hacks and an editor for Zero Mission and Fusion being developed mostly over on the now dead I wasn't really a hack creator, but more of a player/tester and a scribe for created hacks at the time. I must have clicked a link from there that least to Incarnation 3. from there, to board 2, to here in August of 07 or something.

EDIT: NOPE, it was July
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Posted on 11-27-16 08:09:10 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by StapleButter
NSMB hacking, in 2008. Looking for cheat/etc NSMB videos of youtube, found videos of edited levels. Was interested. Found Treeki's webpage. It linked to this place...

Same, but 2009 for me.

Originally posted by StapleButter
...I was an idiot back then...

Extra same.
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Posted on 11-27-16 08:15:19 AM Link | Quote
Oh hey, you're m64m. Man, I thought you were part of all the NSMB hacking old-timers who just disappeared.
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Posted on 11-27-16 08:21:13 AM Link | Quote
Yeah it was certainly a launching point into this community, but as things progressed I shifted my focus on TCRF. I've also never been big on forums, so I don't post very often.
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