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12-11-18 10:30:34 AM

Jul - Craziness Domain - What are your other usernames? New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 08-12-16 01:40:22 PM Link | Quote
Basically, what usernames do you go by elsewhere, and what usernames have you gone by?

My first username was drwatson back on RVLution in 2013. I was known as Kittenguy1001 on Minecraft, and I'm known as xkitten in most places, but I'm also known as Will on RVLution.

what about you guys? (oh yea, my current Minecraft username is GreenMario_, lol )
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Posted on 08-12-16 02:09:12 PM Link | Quote
xKitten is an amusing coincidence, I remember people calling Xkeeper that as a joke

Anyway, my first internet nicks were n'hervé and likes, a French pun on the name Hervé and 'énervé' (French for angry, upset). My internet presence was limited to big French do-it-all forums, where I would yell for replies when not getting a reply in time. heh.

It became NHervé as I joined NGemu in 2007, became active in emulation related communities under that name.

I originally used the same name when joining this board in 2008, but my account didn't work. Solution? Make another account. Mega-Mario was born.

For a good while, I tried hard to preserve that accidental separation between the emu communities and this board, as my reputation here became less than good. At some point, NHervé became Luigi__. (I have always been original)

StapleButter marks the reunification of two separate internet presences (which also makes things a lot simpler, heh).

I'm definitely not part of those people who constantly change names.


* n'hervé, NHervé, etc
* Mega-Mario
* Luigi__
* StapleButter
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Posted on 08-12-16 02:41:19 PM Link | Quote
I've been Sanky since 2003. That's over half of my life! Because I started using it so early on it attained some suffixes that hold on to this day on some usernames (sankytm on skype, sankyu in some other places).
In 2013 or so I started using Sanqui in new places, for various reasons I like it slightly better. I consider it a different spelling of the same thing, but I'm not picky on pronunciation. I use sanquii when it's taken.

Funnily, Jul is one of the few "legacy" places I go by Sanky in nowadays. I might actually name change one day... or I might not.

I do have a small arrangement of alternative nicks, but I'm not exactly keen on sharing them. None of them are in use for anything beyond usernames now.

I am currently considering getting a new semi-public secondary nick. Didn't get any good ideas so far though.
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Posted on 08-12-16 04:41:11 PM Link | Quote
Always been xdaniel - since, I dunno, 1999? - and always will be, I guess.

Well, or xdany87 or, more recently, xdanieldzd, whenever the main name is already taken. Don't think I've ever had a different nickname online, for any significant length of time, aside from people calling me abbreviations of xdaniel (mostly xdan or simply Dan).

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Posted on 08-12-16 05:54:45 PM Link | Quote
ah, yeah, people always have called me Kitten everywhere, and I doubt that'll change if my username is skyu or not

funny story behind this username, actually. it was an alt account I made to call out stuff that the RVLution staff were doing that was, uh, erroneously banning people and deleting threads.. it was a cool username so I decided to stick with it.

Don't mind me. Just passing through.
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Posted on 08-12-16 06:24:32 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by StapleButter
xKitten is an amusing coincidence, I remember people calling Xkeeper that as a joke

I remember someone changing Xkeeper's name on JUL to Xkitty. Think it was an April fool's joke.

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Posted on 08-12-16 06:49:44 PM (last edited by skyu at 08-12-16 06:51:50 PM) Link | Quote
xKitten was used because you banned my "Kitten" rereg, but I'm glad I added the x. I like it

edit: by "you" I mean staple. that was unclear, sorry about that
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Posted on 08-12-16 06:53:02 PM (last edited by Schezo at 08-12-16 06:53:52 PM) Link | Quote
Excluding obscure/joke/private ones...

Kakis64 -> Kak64 -> Kak

KuSki -> Witch -> Schezo

Kakis64 is the original username from 2012, which in my unlimited creativity is a "reference" to a certain user on YouTube named "WhiteKhakis". Really.

When I registered here I was tempted to go by "Super Drunk" (to fit with the avatar set), but for some unknown reason I (thankfully) didn't. Instead, I took the username from SR and removed two letters in an attempt to make it look more original. The fact it now looks like this is purely a coincidence, as it really means nothing. :V

For whatever reason at Kafuka I initially chose KuSki (and then went through other name changes), before I standardized on using either "Schezo" or "Kak" for everything.

Any of those two goes, I guess.

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Posted on 08-12-16 09:00:47 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by StapleButter
reunification of two separate internet presences

I find it interesting that some people want to merge their online identities, and others want to keep them separate. I feel that I'm pretty firmly "I am different things to different people", and my online presences reflect that. Part of this comes from a feeling that of my various onlines ~10 years ago, a strong feeling that "$groupA and $groupB would be hopeless at understanding each other", and so I've actively avoided crossing the streams.

One name that I did use in computer games some years ago (this was before I discovered the internet) was M200, named after the concept car from Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge. I'm not entirely comfortable revealing the others, sadly.
Possibly neither Girly nor Dragon.
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Posted on 08-12-16 09:06:29 PM Link | Quote
I used to be "Dragon Master" which was me trying come up with something "cool" using the initials of my middle names during 6th grade or so, and that stuck with me for a while.

Then on Jul I got into a gender-change incident on IRC quite a long while ago, and Girlydragon just stuck around.

Elsewhere I usually go by "Aioli" or "Aiolidragon" these days, because of a guy misreading "Aoidragon" many years ago.

Not that interesting of a story, but I am actually quite fond of both Girlydragon and Aioli, the best nicknames/usernames usually aren't the ones you come up with yourself.

(In many ways I wish to forget DM though, but hiding won't really make it go away.)
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Posted on 08-13-16 05:58:49 AM Link | Quote
I go by RanAS on most forums, _ran on Minecraft and RanAwaySuccessfully on social media/popular places. Apparently there's a RanAS on Team Fortress 2 (?) but whoever he is he isn't me.

I've used a lot of other usernames for short-lived (around a week or so) YouTube channels on the past, none of which can be found anywhere on the internet anymore. They weren't successful I guess (hah!). Most recent one was random42soundtrack which was made to upload game soundtracks (duh), which had its purpose "delayed" until my current channel.

About having different usernames, I don't really care enough to do it most of the time. I know that I act differently depending on the people who are around me, but I'm still the same person, so the definitive username should stay the same. I feel like, as of yet, my internet presence isn't complicated enough to justify the usage of different usernames.
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Posted on 08-13-16 06:22:04 AM Link | Quote
I go by Luca and Lila here. I go by Ryka in other places. Lila and Ryka are usually in private forums, but from time to time, I handle Lila in SFW places due to her personality.

My online handles are usually my loosely termed tulpae. They each borrow some aspects of my real self while being different to different people, like was said before. Luca is energetic and finds more physical or abrupt solutions to situations, Lila is quiet and takes to calculating. She also is obsessive over behaving as well as she can and gets upset when others still don't like her. Ryka, my newest online tulpa, is usually chill and accomodating to a point. She hates when authority does things just because it's "big", but always stops and calculates why rules and settings are in place and respects them. She is humorous as well.

I have been like this for years. It's a long story but it was a technique that made me feel better after my days as Shyguy. Now I'm used to it and embrace it.

I also go by Luigimobile on Steam, based on a comic I made, then an RP channel I made as a teen that some old friends joined me in. No one but my bestie Apophis still exists from it anymore though. I still draw my characters from it on paper.

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Posted on 08-13-16 12:35:24 PM Link | Quote
I used to go by ZeetherKID77 but then just switched to Zeether.

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Posted on 08-14-16 02:42:05 AM Link | Quote
I've had enough usernames to fill a dictionary worth of space.

Descriptions and all.

I prefer just to be dotUser now, though. And I'd rather keep the old/lost ones just that, lost.

I also go by North or Polaris in a few other places though.
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Posted on 08-14-16 09:59:51 PM Link | Quote
I've gone by WarioBarker pretty much everywhere since I registered for an AOL email account in...what, 2004? I've used modifications for YouTube (WarioBarker88), the Super Mario Wiki (WarioMario), and Buy A Vowel Boards/Game Show Paradise (WarioSajak). I barely touch my AOL account anymore, though, having since opted for Hotmail.

WarioBarker/WarioSajak comes from my love of video games and game shows, as you could probably guess. "Cap10 N" (used on Xbox Live) was my brother's suggestion, although I don't use my Xbox 360 anymore since it tends to overheat easily...which kinda sucks when you want to kick back and watch stuff on YouTube for a few hours.

I go by my real name on Wikipedia and Wikia.
Zero One
And as we fall the spirit carries on,
That a hero'll come and save us all,
As we call the ones we left below,
We all dream of the day we rise above
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Posted on 08-15-16 08:43:11 AM Link | Quote
Usually some variation of Zero One. My Git is Zero-One101, my Elder Scrolls Online is Zerne01, Minecraft is DarkZeroOne... also Zrn after somebody disemvoweled my username on IRC.

There's also a couple of variations on DarkLight floating around, namely my Twitter.

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Posted on 08-15-16 05:38:30 PM Link | Quote
might as well add flashy2k to the list, he was a rereg of mine on RVL that made it to 172 posts before getting banned.

he's also my name on kafuka, but I'm getting it changed

Nipper Plant
Trying (and failing) to learn Lua.
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Posted on 08-16-16 07:30:04 AM Link | Quote
I used to use SamuelEarl666 despite my name being only Sam since people kept assuming I was just shortening it anyway and I chose 666 simply because barely anyone else would. After getting stupid messages for having that though including multiple tha claimed I was a Satanist I changed it to what it is now (though some sites still use the old one).

Holy SwordsMan
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Posted on 08-22-16 04:41:50 PM Link | Quote
I use Orlandu pretty much everywhere I can. If it's taken, I use ffaorlandu (ffa = Final Fantasy Alexandria, the name of my old fan website). For Star Wars based games, etc. I use a name I made up back during Star War Galaxies: Ryc Hal'Taer (pronounced Rick Hall-tare). I don't really remember how I came up with that one. The only other name I'm know by is from my Everquest days when my warrior was named Kelorn Kingfist so I used that for a short time back in 2001 to 2002ish.

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Posted on 08-30-16 09:55:46 PM Link | Quote
oh, and I also used another set of usernames for some alt accounts on MC, I remember having Kitten2Infinity, Kitten2_FTW, StormWhisperer03, __5 and l0zer. Not like I really used either accounts much (why did I have 3 MC accounts anyway)
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