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11-15-18 11:35:45 AM

Jul - Computers and Technology - Opera now has a built-in adblocker New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 06-09-16 04:35:05 PM Link | Quote
The news and also their stance on ads.

I think this is the first major browser company to do this. Not that Midori didn't include it first (and probably others before it). They argue that they offer this service to reduce loading times and bandwith, as ads are very bloated nowadays. I kind of agree, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to have ads on a website (it supports whitelisting). It has been received well, but those that didn't like it really didn't like it.

What do you guys think about this? Honestly, I like it.
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Posted on 06-09-16 04:50:57 PM Link | Quote
Reminds me of when browsers started featuring built-in popup blockers. History repeats itself.

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Posted on 06-09-16 06:21:28 PM Link | Quote
Not a bad thing to have that feature built in.

I couldn't live without ad blocker now. So many sites are riddled with ads that it becomes ridiculous. Some people get pissed when others use Adblock. I understand that website owners need to make a buck so they can keep their website up and floating. However, that is ultimately not my problem. A site has to have some worth to me and not have ads jammed in every nook and cranny for me to disable Adblock for that website.

Take TCRF for example. I enjoy the content on that site and I like the community of people on the website. Literally all it has is one ad across the top and it doesn't annoy the hell out of you. I don't mind disabling Adblock for that website.

Now take something like Wikia. Jesus Christ. Ads are plastered everywhere and everything seems so disconnected. I keep adblocker enabled because the ads are on overkill. Shit, I even start disabling things that aren't ads on that website because of what a mess it is.


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Posted on 06-09-16 07:16:23 PM Link | Quote
Considering the recent attention of ad-blockers, I'm curious to see how this affects the balance. Opera isn't quite at the same usage level as Chrome or Firefox, but it still might be high enough to catch the attention of some companies. Maybe we'll get some input from Google or Mozilla?
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Posted on 06-09-16 07:20:06 PM Link | Quote
I doubt Chrome will ever adopt a built-in adblocker, considering Google is also involved in the advertisement business.

(although they do allow adblocker extensions for Chrome)

Nipper Plant
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Posted on 06-10-16 07:10:53 AM Link | Quote
Its nice to have the option, The PC I have is actually an old one without a graphics card so some sites lag like crazy if I don't block the insane amount of ads they have. Whoever thought auto-playing video ads were a good idea should shoot themselves.
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Posted on 06-11-16 07:49:47 PM Link | Quote
I like what Marco Aren't said about ads last year. Think that his blog post is a good read.

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Jul - Computers and Technology - Opera now has a built-in adblocker New poll - New thread - New reply

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