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11-13-18 04:01:50 PM

Jul - General Chat - How terrible is your ISP? New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 08-02-18 06:47:11 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Reimu
Mine can be terrible when it disconnects me for no apparent reason, especially when it's humid outside after a thunderstorm. Spectrum internet must be weak to humidity or something.

Yeah, all the wireless stuff is super sensitive to that kind of thing. Very frustrating and annoying, but usually used when fixed-cable options are either not possible or prohibitively expensive.

My internet speed hasn't changed. No point me posting a new screenshot. But Australian ISPs were forced to stop advertising theoretical speeds now. So, if you have a 100/40 Mbps connection they have to advertise what it will actually get during typical peak times with everyone on the network fucking up the inadequate backhaul.


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Posted on 08-03-18 11:48:21 PM Link | Quote
I'm not sure if it's my ISP doing it or if Google is doing weird stuff, but for the past few weeks, my YouTube connection has been awful. I'll randomly get like 200 Kbps connections on YouTube videos while everything else works at perfectly normal speed. It's really annoying because there seems to be no rhyme or reason for it.

Otherwise, I get this:
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Posted on 08-04-18 12:27:11 AM (last edited by Xkeeper at 09-28-18 02:26:54 PM) Link | Quote

i dont know what happened but it did boost my download speed. i dont know if this is a night thing, since i tried downloading a game from steam this morning and only got like 200kbps.

EDIT (8/4/2018): the internet was down this whole morning, fun stuff!!
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Posted on 09-26-18 05:49:13 AM Link | Quote
Having some sort of outage.

Fun stuff.

That said, I really appreciate how lightweight Jul/Acmlmboard is - it's actually still usable while Twitter and co. are a chore right now.

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Posted on 09-28-18 02:28:02 PM Link | Quote
It was usually really good, but lately we've been having constant outages at home, often around late nights past 10 PM. It's been bad enough that our data usage over cellular is over 4.5 GB, and we're still not done with the month yet

I really need to call our ISP since this started with a particularly bad one a few days ago, but of course the main time they're available is also when I'm stuck at work
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Posted on 09-28-18 05:12:53 PM Link | Quote
I just had to DM my ISP on Twitter about a BGP issue.

They solved it.

Worth the $120/month I think.
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Posted on 09-29-18 01:26:21 AM Link | Quote

comcast just deciding to do whatever the fuck they want with any page you view is really something

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Posted on 09-29-18 11:15:13 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Dprotp
(img snip)

comcast just deciding to do whatever the fuck they want with any page you view is really something

*begins selling pitchforks and torches, and a hybrid of the two, the torch-fork*
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Posted on 10-02-18 10:43:09 AM Link | Quote
my mobile provider is... amusing, to say the least.

* separate data caps! 100GB, but only in 4G mode. under other modes, it's 3GB. (under normal usage, I don't reach the 100GB cap, but the 3GB one is quickly reached)

* when the data cap is reached, speed is throttled. (which means, below 56K speed. not even kidding)

* their coverage is incomplete, which they compensate by borrowing another operator's network. they don't seem to support 4G through that other network.

* when my phone switches to 3G, it typically means it switched to the other network, and will not switch back to the 'proper' network until the connection is reset (toggling airplane mode).

tldr proper speeds only exist in 4G mode so I need to check for it
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Jul - General Chat - How terrible is your ISP? New poll - New thread - New reply

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