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08-18-18 11:04:15 AM

Jul - Gaming - Hearthstone New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 04-24-16 05:58:09 PM Link | Quote
Hearthstone is a card game by Blizzard (the WoW people). You may have heard of it. It's quite simple compared to the "old guards" of these games, especially Magic: The Gathering, but its simplicity makes it a lot more newbie friendly and easier to pick up.

I've tried getting into it a few times, but I have problems getting enough confidence to actually play against others*. The AI is relatively competent, though, and it is be completely free to play -- money is only useful for buying more cards (though you can get more with in-game earnings). There's no card trading, so it's all down to luck... but you can redeem cards for "dust", which you can spend on creating any specific card.

Overall, it's quite fun when you get into it. There's a ranked mode if you feel like playing against others (the ranks reset every month, and you get a reward for getting to the "base" rank), or a general "casual" mode that uses an internal, hidden rank to match you with players of similar skill level.

*: This same problem crops up in a lot of games I could play where others can see my performance, e.g. Go. I end up choking and being unable to play because I fear what people think of me if I lose.
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Posted on 04-24-16 05:59:41 PM Link | Quote
I like Hearthstone and have a past of getting really in to it (Rank 5 ughhh), but I main midrange/face hunter so until Standard drops and shakes up the meta you probably don't want to play against me
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Posted on 04-24-16 06:35:19 PM Link | Quote
Woo, another midrange hunter

Inuyasha and I got really into Hearthstone last summer, but lately only I've been playing it (and much less than I did before). I think the new set and Standard rotation is something HS sorely needed, since there really wasn't much room for better cards than what they had before, and ranking up got increasingly hard for anybody not playing one of the "top" decks.

I still drop in at least once a week for Tavern Brawls, and still try ranked every now and then though. I might be playing a little more often after the new set drops next week, though.

If anybody would like to play sometime, or just add me as a friend, my Battle.Net tag is Raspberry#1500 on the US servers.

Moon Bunny! :3
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Posted on 04-24-16 06:41:41 PM Link | Quote
I play hearthstone fairly regularly, I would say daily but that's not really accurate, more like four to five days a week?

Personally I really like the game but I mostly stick to tavern brawls (if this weeks is any fun) since the ranked play don't really appeal that much too me.

Also, Blizzard have this neat thing where you can't register people as friends on battlenet if they are in the US and you're in the EU, which is fucking nonsensical 2016! You also can't play against people in other regions either in hearthstone, but least that makes slightly more sense. I get why the game shouldn't matchmake me with people in the US, but I really can't see the driving force for not letting me have friends on in a different region (even nintendo gets this right!) and letting me challenge them to a match of hearthstone.

Level: 244

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Pronouns: they/them, she/her, etc.

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Posted on 04-24-16 06:42:09 PM Link | Quote
I'm Xkeeper#1185, but I haven't even hit 20 yet, so no Tavern Brawling for me.
Possibly neither Girly nor Dragon.
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Posted on 04-24-16 06:45:16 PM Link | Quote
I gave Hearthstone quite a few tries, but could never truly get into it, while I do enjoy watching it, and think it has some very interesting mechanics, I just cannot handle the fact that not only is the RNG there deciding what cards I draw (as typical for card-games) there are also cards where RNG play a major factor.

After a particularly silly result from an opponents "Mindgames" in Arena, I was pretty much about to call it quits.

It's a cool game, but really not for me.
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Jul - Gaming - Hearthstone New poll - New thread - New reply

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