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11-14-18 09:25:26 PM

Jul - Computers and Technology - Windows and high-DPI New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 03-08-16 07:56:42 AM Link | Quote
I got to see a part of it on Windows 8 and then 10 on my new laptop.

* the new fancy Metro apps scale properly (of course)
* desktop apps with a recent-style UI scale nicely
* older-style desktop apps are simply rendered at the normal resolution then stretched, looking blurry and shitty

Then I upgraded that laptop to Windows 7. Man was it a pain, but here we are, Win7 is up and running.

It's less good than 8/10 though. I can push the resolution to the max (3200x1800) and set scaling to 200% and shit is readable. But man, it looks derpy. I don't have a screenshot, but it looks derpy.

(also, what about taking screenshots? would those be high-DPI and huge too?)

Not to mention that the scaling is user-specific and doesn't apply to the login screen. Meaning you type your password in a tiny box.

Then I found more about the subject:

[13:23:17] <StapleButter>
[13:23:19] <StapleButter> heh.
[13:23:31] <StapleButter> easier to just set the resolution to something lower
[13:23:50] <StapleButter> kind of a waste of pixels but atleast everything works fine
[13:26:35] <StapleButter> "I think providing consistent HiDPI support in Windows 8 was way more important than adding Metro."
[13:26:49] <StapleButter> yes, but now it's all about Metro, so MS won't give a shit about desktop apps
[13:38:17] <StapleButter> scaling shouldn't be that hard either
[13:38:27] <StapleButter> even if your windows and controls use pixel positions/sizes
[13:38:39] <StapleButter> scale those coordinates before drawing
[13:39:33] <StapleButter> that way the app doesn't have to deal with it, in its view it's a normal window, and everything is still scaled nicely
[13:39:43] <StapleButter> well except if they use images or do their own compositing I guess

... why is it that hard for Microsoft to get scaling right, it should be fairly easy to get the most common cases working (and for the apps that draw custom content, like emulators or browsers or whatever, give them ways to know the screen DPI or scale things nicely)


I think I'll just lower the resolution to something acceptable and forget scaling
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Jul - Computers and Technology - Windows and high-DPI New poll - New thread - New reply

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