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12-17-18 03:04:43 AM

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Posted on 10-18-15 10:24:36 PM (last edited by divingkataetheweirdo at 10-18-15 10:33:51 PM) Link | Quote
Since this is my first time attempting to write something at least halfway serious (during my free time), I might as well post what I am currently writing. Not going to reveal much yet for the opening.

It was early in the morning Damian was having a nice sleep. He simply wanted to have a nice, long rest after quite the day. However, as of recent, he has been seeing quite a few nightmares. Images of irredentism, warring and imperialism plague his mind. He wakes up in the morning, abruptly. He begins to panic, but he calms down after ten seconds. He is unsure what to make of these dreams, sometimes contemplating that he should go to the doctor.

He opens his windows to see the trees, with only a bit of breeze. Everything seems to fine outside. Maybe these images were just hallucinations. After all, Damian was getting to bed quite late, but that would not explain everything.

Living in Oregon, he is not sure if any of these images make sense. After all, the United States is something of a super power, even if it is only limited to a planet virtually dominated by homo sapiens. However, the dreams he was having seemed implausible and most definitely seemed impossible.

However, hovering above Damian, there was a drone. It appeared to be a very unusual drone, not quite like anything he had ever seen before and he saw lots of drones. He did not think anything of it and went to prepare himself for the day.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang as he was about to walk out the door. "Hello, it's me, Rouperee." It was his girlfriend. "Damian here. I saw this odd, odd drone out my window," Damian said. "A couple of friends are saying the same thing," Rouperee said.

"Do you know anything about it?" "Barely. They don't know what it is themselves," Rouperee replied, "but they're sure it's just some prank for fool us." "I don't know about that, but an odd theory," Damian said back to her. He did notice it was only 20 minutes before class.

"Well, I gotta get over to the finals. I know these aren't going to be easy." "Make sure you tell me how you did on those exams. I know I've studied a lot and I'm rather concerned," Rouperee said. "All righty, then. I'll do my best and I know you'll do your best too," Daniel said back.

He then rushed to over to his university, going over to take his final exams for his final semester.

EDIT: Consistency.
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Jul - Projects and Creations - Enigmatic Empire Everywhere New poll - New thread - New reply

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