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11-21-18 02:55:53 PM

Jul - NO! GO TO STAR! - Help, for a source code. New poll - New thread - Thread closed
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Posted on 08-14-15 04:19:28 PM (last edited by sphinx at 08-14-15 04:24:52 PM) Link
My apologies if this is the wrong place to post, it seemed like the most appropriate place after all, given it's nature.

Me and a small group of people were (and still are) working on trying to unlock large amounts of cut content, still available in the game but unactive, this game is Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy for the PS2, and I was wondering if anybody could suggest where the basic "machinery" of the game could be located, I know the question is very broad and hard to understand, but to clarify, I've extracted the contents of two BIN files and found nothing, and there seems to be no other file that we could imagine having any involvement with the game's internals.

The question I'm asking is, what is the most likely place for the main workings of the game to be located in the ISO, if not in any of the BIN files? the BINs only contain some hashcode data, some SFX files and EDB model files, that's it, surprisingly nothing that runs the game from what we can see.

This is what the ISO's insides look like:

The DUMMY folder consists only of DUM files which contain nothing but filler data, the DATA folder is where the BINs are and the IOPFILES folder seems to only contain data concerned with registering device input / output like audio, USB, mouse, etc...

I'm by no means asking you to look through the whole ISO yourself, I'm not a lazy bastard, but I've looked everywhere and I can't find a thing, is there a typical place where the developers would put their game's main workings (can't think of a better word to describe it, something derived from C++ / H source code) on the disc? and if that's too vague, does it help that the game was developed by Eurocom?

Link of the game:!TtBiFYbT!jW5mBceVp7HY8UTgWrZqRK6ifxUtZOsp468_DvLK6wA

Please, if anyone has an idea say it.
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Jul - NO! GO TO STAR! - Help, for a source code. New poll - New thread - Thread closed

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