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02-19-18 08:01:32 PM

Jul - NO! GO TO STAR! - Some big fat arsehole at MMM New poll - New thread - Thread closed
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Telling people to kill themselves is no way to be, son.

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Posted on 08-11-15 05:27:19 AM (last edited by Termingamer2-JD at 08-11-15 05:30:17 AM) Link

Really? Why the fuck is there an actual person who wants to impersonate a big moron, and manages to speak like them?

Ugh. Wishing that Dabby Mago was under a bus himself. Everyone seem to think I am the spammer, I can't get around the site proxy protection. Someone who want to give me bad name, unfortunately, I already have a bad name to myself.


Oh, and this person says 'I love it SquidEmpress is dead'. That's pretty disrespectful to one of K64's most trusted users in the past. Like saying Taryn is good to be dead, to some of you oldies (I don't know).

Also I might quit the internet if this shit-faced prick decides to frame me in the next week.

Posted on 08-11-15 05:49:22 AM Link
One, cross-site bullshit like this really isn't cool.

Two, childish namecalling like this isn't cool, either.

Three, telling people to kill themselves is definitely not cool, and is a quick ticket to a gray name.

Unfortunately, like IE6, your time on this board appears to be over.
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Jul - NO! GO TO STAR! - Some big fat arsehole at MMM New poll - New thread - Thread closed

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