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04-23-18 02:42:13 AM

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16/3/1: KvSG #479 is up!

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Posted on 03-21-18 12:44:56 AM Link | Quote
I briefly mentioned Metroid: Other M a while ago, but I want to mention this since Fusion was brought up.

I like the scene where Samus encounters Ridley in Pyrosphere.

I know a lot of people complain about it because "Samus has fought Ridley before!!" and because they don't like the idea of Samus experiencing PTSD. The thing is, the game does a good job (as far as I understand it) of portraying PTSD realistically, and the exact circumstances of it make perfect sense to me. If there is a flaw with the scene, it is perhaps that the context for the scene is too subtle or obscure for most people to get.

When the lava chutes open up and it reveals Ridley huge form, lit from below by a ring of fire, it almost perfectly recreates the atmosphere of when Samus first encountered Ridley as a child, amidst the burning wreckage of a spaceship. It was in that atmosphere that she witnessed the death of her parents and was nearly killed by Ridley. Many fans wouldn't know that, though, because this backstory was only in the official Metroid manga, released between Fusion and Zero Mission. This is very much intentional, because they briefly show Samus as a child.

Even with knowledge of that scene, though, there seems to be a misunderstanding of how PTSD works. Yes, Samus has seen Ridley before, and she didn't freak out. Yes, Samus has even fought Ridley before and she didn't freak out. That's because she's never encountered Ridley in those exact lighting conditions before, in that exact atmosphere before. She isn't reacting to just Ridley. She is reacting to a scenario that very closely resembles a deeply traumatic memory buried in her mind, a specific combination of sights and sounds (and smells?) and maybe even temperature. I may not be any sort of expert on the subject, but I at least know enough to recognize that Samus can experience PTSD related to Ridley in a specific scenario without being completely unable to face him in any context.

(I still haven't figured out the "unfreezable Metroid" scene where Samus has trouble walking, but I imagine it's related to another medical thing I don't know much about...)

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Posted on 03-21-18 10:31:49 AM Link | Quote
I seem to be in the minority today, but I genuinely enjoy Sonic Adventure as much as I did when I first played it. Sure I don't enjoy all the characters, but the worst ones are given very little game time and the rest of the game more than makes up for it. The technical problems people criticize when they say the game "hasn't aged well" (which to be fair are abundant in the DX version) were also criticized when the game was first released, same with the cutscenes and voice acting.

These days when I find people discussing the game, I usually see disclaimers from people who give it a positive opinion, like "I recognize the game is garbage now but I like it because nostalgia" and "I enjoy this game but I admit it hasn't aged well." Not that there's anything wrong with having an opinion like that, but I don't really see that for other games and you don't need to justify your enjoyment of a game.

Strangely there's no metacritic page for the Dreamcast version, but I'm assuming Hanlon's razor.
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