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12-17-17 12:12:59 AM

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Baby Mario
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Posted on 02-16-17 10:15:27 PM Link | Quote
I'm going to give this a try!

- Skyward Sword is actually a very good game, the controls are great, and Fi isn't that annoying.
- Mario 2D platformer games are all boring and uninspired since SMB3. The Donkey Kong Country series, Yoshi's Island series, and Super Princess Peach are all way better.
- Melee sucks compared to Brawl and Smash 4. It feels clunky and dated.
- Skyrim's battle engine feels utterly clunky like it has been reused for generations.

I actually don't really feel strongly about any of those negatives though, I'm actually quite mellow about it all
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Posted on 02-17-17 05:42:33 AM Link | Quote
JK LOL... d: yep, those are some pretty unpopular opinions!

I probably can agree with all the statements except Skyward Sword. I just finished ZeldaMaster's LP, and I'm using my judge-by-video skills here, but I have to agree with most every complaint he made about it, excluding the motion controls not working, because those might have been specific to his own set-up.

Can I add (also based on gameplay-watching, but I am very careful to make opinions/observations only out of what does show in a gameplay video) that Mario Maker is an overrated COMPLETE JOKE?
I've seen videos showing how to add stuff it doesn't have. I've seen videos showing it in action. I've seen videos explaining it in general. I feel like I'd spend more time cursing at the UI or struggling to even use it, and I'm vastly disappointed at how many very simple (or important) mechanics/features that it lacks. I'm amazed how Nintendo could add all these bells and whistles like different hand skins, but they didn't add a variety of essential blocks and enemies. Overall, the way the UI works annoys the hell out of me. My experiences with any touch screen thus far have been miserable, and based on what I've heard/seen about how to use Marion Maker's interface, I know that while I may get used to it... I'd get super annoyed at it, super fast. I'm amazed that with all this processing and graphics power, Nintendo delivered a product that as-is doesn't include some features even of the older mario games, and requires experimenting with the various mechanics/blocks much like is done in MineCraft, only doing so yields uglier and less consistent results. The fan games have this covered, Nintendo seriously fucked-up... Not only does it fail as a Mario level designer or game engine, it fails in general as the kind of level designer or engine I would EVER want to use. I'd rather kick myself in the ass re-implementing the Mario engine from scratch in Game Maker. Hell, why not Assembly Language, even. I give Mario Maker a rating of "WTF WERE YOU THINKING NINTENDO?!" I will not be buying it, EVER. I will not download a ROM of it, ever.

I need to go to sleep, I've been up later than planned already because of a situation concerning a certain game that's banned on Twitch. I may or may not discuss that in detail here. I'll only say I am not taking sides, other than AGAINST Twitch. I've already said enough as-is. I REALLY don't want to bring the flame-war over to this site, as well. (not that I brought it anywhere, I got pulled-in because the situation is concerning to me as a developer, and artist, even...)
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Jul - Gaming - Unpopular Gaming Opinions New poll - New thread - New reply

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