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09-20-17 08:23:35 PM

Jul - Computers - Rom hacking, resumes and portfolio New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 03-11-15 03:40:35 PM (last edited by Tamkis at 03-11-15 04:01:03 PM) Link | Quote
So I am currently looking for video game design internships in my area. Previously, when I renovated my portfolio website to be more professional, I threw out my rom hacking projects and utilities due to fear of possible legal consequences or being stigmatized by employers and portraying a negative impression as a haxor; however, now that I am finding difficulty in getting jobs, am considering putting the stuff back up. 2 years ago, I found and discovered this RHDN thread about rom hacking and resumes. I am currently inactive in rom hacking, and am moving more towards homebrew and indie video game development.

I would like to hear other people's 2nd opinion on the subject of rom hacking, resumes, and portfolio websites. Should I really put back up my rom hacking utilities on my portfolio website and on my resume? Should I also put back up my incomplete rom hacks (as patches), or would that be going too far? What's your experience and suggestion on the matter? I did once get a technician job at a local avionics firm after stating that one of my hobbies is "tinkering with retro video game consoles on both the hardware and software levels", but am worried how this would be conveyed in a video game dev setting. Current portfolio website

Thanks in advance!

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Posted on 03-15-15 11:55:42 AM Link | Quote
I'm ALSO looking for internships at a games studio, and it's a pain. IMO, putting up the tools would be a good idea, but probably not the patches. My portfolio has a Metroid game I made, and no studio has mentioned that as being a bad idea.


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Posted on 03-15-15 02:27:12 PM Link | Quote
I'd say putting tools that you have made and game code modifications is a good way to show some ingenuity. It shows you can comprehend and successfully modify someone else's code, even when the logic is not spelled out for you in plain text.
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Posted on 08-10-15 12:34:47 AM Link | Quote
(Wow, I almost forgot about this thread during the flurry of the the Spring 2015 semester and then a crazy summer, and surprised to see a few responses today. I miss this corner of the internet known as Jul)

Thanks for the advice! I eventually decided to put back up the rom hacking utilities on the website (and LinkedIn IIRC), but not the actual wrong hacks (because they were... notoriously bad). Two utilities I used to have in the SM64 hacking section of Jul, so I will update the links/pics for those threads now that I overcame the dilemna.

A few weeks after this thread, the Uni's ACM chapter (Association of Computing Machinery, computer programming club) and I took a field trip to a local game dev studio, Schell Games, and asked one of the employees (in a non-illegal sounding manner) about how they (and others in the industry) might view Rom hacking, as well as about their internship opportunities (for which I applied for earlier in winter). The employee asked why I would do this (going along with one of the topics of the day of motives for making certain video games) and I replied "to breath new life in old video games with new levels and content", to which he replied "many people like playing and tinkering around with retro video game consoles, and that sounds technically impressive" (paraphrase). Also he replied that the internship positions were full, and they look more for seniors . So it sounds like it is okay, if you go about it smartly. (Blog post about the trip.)
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Jul - Computers - Rom hacking, resumes and portfolio New poll - New thread - New reply

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