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12-17-17 12:43:04 AM

Jul - Gaming - Minecraft 3: Signs Still Free New poll - New thread - Thread closed
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Posted on 03-13-15 07:04:44 PM Link
Insane underwater tunnel

It connects isle B to the mainland. And also to some tiny island that happened to be near the turn.

God is that shit long.


July 3: KvSG #479 is up!

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Posted on 03-15-15 01:46:44 AM Link
Originally posted by Dorito

also this project is insane

super cool to view from above!

And I thought draining a 16x16 circle was hard enough! I'm afraid to find out how you found that much gravel.
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Posted on 03-15-15 05:05:45 PM Link
The grevel's everywhere on the ocean floor, which is ironic because I expected sand to be there instead.

Anyway, before I lift it off its hinges, I made a piccy of it fully dried in the exterior.


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Posted on 03-17-15 11:33:30 PM Link
I have finally completed my semi-secret possibly-ultimate maze project!

Inconveniently located inside a somewhat mighty fortress:

indicate where the maze at

Enter and be confounded by devilish twists, fiendish turns, and a family friendly monster-free* play environment!


Bring your banner and place it in the Hall of Fame to prove your unstoppable courage!

bragging rights

*Some exceptions may apply. Slimes, while rare, are a normal side effect of maze attempts, and are perfectly healthy.
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Posted on 03-18-15 03:50:38 AM Link
"Hang your banner on the right wall this way" DON'T MAKE NO SENSE

so I placed it on the wall

to the right...

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Posted on 04-18-15 02:17:55 PM Link
This thread has been dead for some time, in fact, there's not much activity going on in the server right now, but there's a few things I want to show:

This is a bridge going from Isle B to Isle A. The view is quite nice, and it looks quite good too.

This is the big one: The Mecha-Shinobi made by Luca Lila. This is the view from the top.

Here it is: The Mecha-Shinobi itself. It is a quite amazing build that forces the guardians that spawn in the original water temple area down the middle of it where there's lava and hoppers. This means that all of the guardian's drops are being collected there. The amount of time Lila spent making this thing is insane, and I must say, it is quite awesome.

This is the entrance tunnel to the Mecha-Shinobi. It is made of Quartz blocks now. In fact, the entire structure's border was replaced by Quartz blocks (before, they were a mixture of gravel, sand and stone). The amount of Quartz needed made Xkeeper build a Quartz generator button, because yes, it was that many.

And this is the tunnel I made. It goes from StapleButter's tunnel to the Mecha-Shinobi. It took quite a bit of resources to build, but in the end, it wasn't that difficult. It also has a railroad system that goes from one end to another.

And that's that. I really like the builds that Lila is making, and I wanted to do whatever I could to make sure that people see it. I really think this is very good work. Unfortunately, not many people are going on the server right now. We had a small time where four people logged in at the same time, but other than that, nobody else really seems to want to play anymore.
Currently, Lila is working on a few details in the Mecha-Shinobi and I don't really have much else to do. I still log in every once in a while to see what I can do to help.

Oh, also, somewhat recently I built the Nether Railroad to make it easier for anyone that wants to travel to the nether fortress, and while I testing it, this happened. This ghast spawned in quite a bad place.
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Posted on 04-20-15 12:37:15 PM Link
7/10 too much water *slapped*

But seriously though, its kinda hard to find land to make a home on. I could make something underwater, which would be a lot cooler, but it takes quite a while to build up resources to do, during which you need a more accessible home anyway.

I think I've managed to find a place though

Moon Bunny! :3
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Posted on 04-20-15 01:00:51 PM Link
There is a lot of land available in the desert~

Or in the forest on mainland 1.

Posted on 06-01-15 01:31:29 AM Link
There's been some griefing lately. I've restored what I can, but if you end up coming across any, please let me know.

Posted on 07-25-15 07:42:59 PM Link
The worldborder has been removed.
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Posted on 08-02-15 08:36:09 PM Link
Well...I finally decided to log in after a while and I saw that the server was looking quite dead with a few things missing here and there. I went ahead and restarted the farms again, I replaced the missing banners on the banner house (missing probably due to griefing) although I wasn't able to find Sukasa's.

I plan on working on the area around the skeleton spawner a little bit, since it's been there for quite a while and it still looks weird. Delpolo said he was planning on working on the nether hub a little bit, so yeah, I want to take this opportunity to help the server get back on its track. It has been dead for quite a while and I don't want it to be dead. I just hope this works.
The local lurker.
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Posted on 08-02-15 08:50:48 PM (last edited by Delpolo at 08-04-15 02:38:29 AM) Link
Originally posted by RanAS
I plan on working on the area around the skeleton spawner a little bit, since it's been there for quite a while and it still looks weird.

Place looks just as messy as when I finished the grinder, I can pop in and see what I can do to help. Bare minimum should be hoppers and chests to automatically sort and store each kind of drop (bones in a few double-chests, arrows in a few double-chests, armor in a few double-chests manually sorted by type...), option to turn on and off the grinder with redstone lamps (iunno if someone installed that yet), adding a potion brewing area to make Instant Health Splash potions (so a stand, square of water, and a chest full of glass, netherwart and glistening melons), moving the portal to an actual portal room and redesigning the grinder room (and we'd also need to design and decorate the portal room)...

I really like the enchantment room someone added nearby, by the way. Anyone know who made that?

Now that the world border's gone I'm trying to find a few biomes for blocks we don't have access to. Jungle would give access to cocoa beans and jungle trees (and ocelots, if people want pet cats), Ice Plains Spikes would give access to packed ice, Mega Taiga for access to podzol, Mushroom Island for mycelium, Mesa for easy hardened clay (and hopefully a bigger Flower Forest for me to make my home in)...

EDIT- Been playing 3DS stuff for a convention so I thought I'd idle at mob grinders while I play, and then I remembered that we have an Enderman farm in the End. Checked it out but there were a few problems with it (was it even finished?) so I ended up patching 'em up for now:

- There are two holes in the top platform from which the Endermen fall from, and then a long one-wide hole at the bottom they fall through that leads into the safe area; Endermen were easily able to move out of the way of the bottom hole while falling, end up in some water and teleport around, makig it inefficient. Had some fun and added some color by adding rings every three blocks, such that Endermen would be forced all the way down:

- Even inside the safe area where you'd one-hit any Endermen that fell, it was fairly unsafe; there wasn't a low roof so Endermen that teleport could wind up next to you and hurt you. It's an easy fix but I made sure to also add some water on top of the stone brick slabs so that Endermen wouldn't teleport inside that closed-off 'attic' area either:

(Oh, and I left an Ender Chest for now.)

At some point I'd like to extend the safe area to add a small farm area (because you use up hunger really quickly when punching stuff) as well as an enchanting area (because experience and enchanting is really the only reason you'd use this).
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Posted on 08-04-15 04:56:56 AM (last edited by RanAS at 08-05-15 02:27:36 PM) Link
Because there are so many screenshots, just click an image to open a non-resource pack version of it.

Well, little by little, but this side of the Spawner 1 now looks nice:

The other side of the room still is a mess, but at least something was done. I tried to give it a stronghold type look. I don't know if it'll work very well, but it looks good so far.

And now, the Mecha-Shinobi:

I like how Delpolo was able to implement it (by it I mean the item sorting thing below the Mecha-Shinobi, Lila was the one who made the Shinobi) and made it look nice at the same time. I know that if I did that to my redstone contraptions (not on the server), it would either take ages or looks completely weird.

Also, I tried to do this to one of the bookshelfs. I don't know if it looks better this way or not.

This is probably going to be a busy week for me. I'll make sure I at least log in to try and do something during the weekend.
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Posted on 08-15-15 06:04:25 PM Link
I'm having Déjà vu.

Plus, we managed to crash the server for a little while. That was certainly interesting...and also that means those cows in the picture are now mostly dead. RIP.
The local lurker.
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Posted on 08-16-15 08:50:14 PM Link
We have an online map that updates somewhat real-time (needs time to render and update), but it doesn't seem like there's an easy way to set markers, plus it'd be way too dense around spawn anyways, so it's not as useful for navigating around spawn. I've been meaning to make an annotated zoomed-in map, showing everyone's homes as well as other noteworthy builds, but for now here's a 960x960 map centered on the server's spawn point:

...Sure is quite a bit of water, eh?

Almost all builds are concentrated on the tiny islands at spawn; Lila's made the Mecha-Shinobi that you can see in the bottom-left corner, Lunaria's working on Rivendawn to the right (and I'm planning to make a few farms in the desert just to the north of it), and a few other people built their homes on the coasts of the neighboring continents, but for the most part everything's right at spawn.

Which brings me to my main concern, related to the previous post: lag at spawn.

If you don't know much about Minecraft's inner workings, the game loads and unloads 'chunks' of 16x256x16 (ie, 16x16 squares of land stretching from the bottom to the top of the world) as you move around the world, so that it doesn't need to keep 'em loaded all the time... the only exception being Spawn chunks. The game always keeps a 16x16 square of chunks (ie, 256x256 of blocks) that's centered on the exact spawn point always loaded into memory.

Here's a 200% map of the spawn chunks:

As such, any of these would stay in the game's memory and continue to be simulated no matter how far you are, potentially causing non-stop lag:
- redstone mechanisms, notably redstone clocks that aren't turned off, or hoppers in automatic farms;
- dropped item blocks, which can move around and eventually despawn, notably in automatic farms whose chests are full so the items stay on the floor;
- animals, who continue to move around and grow into adults: chickens lay eggs, sheep eat grass and regrow wool, etc.

All the cows at spawn causing lag is probably one of the reasons the game crashed once we had four players online and I entered the Nether. In other words, we should really try and move our automatic farms (animals, crops, etc.) off the main island. For example, I've already destroyed Delpolo's Pollo shop and plan to move it somewhere else; MM200 plans on making an animal farm in the savannah north of the top-right desert, just off the map.

One last thing related to spawn and lag: even when behind walls and stuff, entities and certain semi-transparent blocks are still rendered and cause lag, even when you can't see them directly on screen. Apart from the obvious "animals and enemy mobs", other things cause lag when at high enough concentrations. Chests, banners, image frames... and yes, even signs. My laptop's hardly something worth using as a benchmark, but without Optifine, being in the Nether I can stay over 20 FPS without any issues; entering spawn before the cows and chickens were killed dipped it down to 3 FPS, and even afterwards it's still only around 7 FPS. Stepping onto pressure plates and leaving houses was an actual challenge because the door would close before I even passed through the door!

I know we have "/kit signs", but could we try and tone down all the joke signs?
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Posted on 08-17-15 03:53:10 AM Link
Alternatively we could just move spawn?

Posted on 08-17-15 03:57:23 AM Link
Is there a (server) mod for teleporters of some kind? I recall a really old one that would allow you to make a sign with a special format that would teleport you to the similarly-named sign elsewhere, but that was back in ancient times.

Something like that would allow us to move spawn proper, and allow people to spread out in different areas without becoming completely disconnected.
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Posted on 08-17-15 04:08:34 AM Link
Make teleporters using command blocks that run /tp commands when powered (say, by a button), encased in bedrock if needed?

That said, would it make sense for someone new to join the server at this point in time? I've never played on a public survival server of any sort, so this might be interesting...?

Rhea Snaketail
Slightly frazzled...
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Posted on 08-17-15 04:28:36 AM Link
AFAIK, we've barely ventured outside of the area around spawn (since there was a small-ish world border for so long), so feel free to join and see what's out there. Plenty of biomes we haven't encountered yet.
The local lurker.
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Posted on 08-17-15 11:32:25 AM Link
Originally posted by BMF54123
Plenty of biomes we haven't encountered yet.

Saying "plenty" is a bit much, but yeah, we're still missing a few important biomes.

I've been exploring, trying to find a jungle so that we can have renewable cocoa beans, but I haven't found one for kilometers. Here's an overview of the entire map. Spans from over +3000 north to -2500 south, and +-2500 east-west, and yet there's still a few biomes I haven't seen yet:
- as previously-mentioned, no Jungle yet, so no jungle trees, cocoa beans or tameable ocelots;
- various ice biomes, including the rare Ice Spikes which would give packed ice;
- the rare Mushroom Island, so no mycelium or mooshrooms.

There are two Mesa biomes (both to the north), three Swamps, one Mega Taiga, etc. but for the most part nothing notable is close to spawn, which kinda sucks 'cause I wanted to make a home in a Flower Forest but they're all too far from spawn.
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