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09-22-18 05:06:30 PM

Jul - News - Ebola spreading in the world New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 10-11-14 06:11:55 PM Link | Quote
Undoubtedly getting worse throughout the world

Also, the article has a few helpful things on Ebola for those unaware of what it is.



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Posted on 10-12-14 01:38:30 AM Link | Quote
Yeah, I've been following it on the BBC. I know it's already reached Spain and Texas, and I'm hoping it doesn't spread much in either place.
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Posted on 10-12-14 02:50:22 PM (last edited by Akazukin at 10-12-14 02:50:48 PM) Link | Quote
I haven't been following the Ebola virus story but it sounds similar to the Swine Flu thing. Sadly, the Ebola virus in in America too!
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Posted on 10-12-14 03:26:33 PM Link | Quote
I've first heard about Ebola on the TV, then I did some online searches and ended up on BBC. This thing has been going on for more than a month already, but it doesn't seem to stop any time soon.-
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Posted on 10-12-14 04:18:03 PM Link | Quote
A reminder that the ebolavirus is not known to be transmitted through the air. In order to contract it, one would need to come into contact with the bodily fluids of someone who's already been infected, which should hopefully reduce its spread to just a few fluke incidents in the places where potential outbreaks can occur.

Most transmission is regrettably carried out by hospital staff or other caregivers treating ebola patients. This same is true regarding Thomas Eric Duncan, the patient in Texas, who had been in contact with an ebola-infected family in West Africa, and then lied about it before boarding the plane to the US.

Quarantine is a known effective way to control outbreaks of ebola, and with all the hype going on around it and the plethora of health and safety options available to the US in general, I have no doubts any potential outbreaks will be fully contained before becoming a problem.
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Posted on 10-13-14 11:17:43 AM Link | Quote
Yeah, from what I know, any country that has decent medical infrastructure ain't gonna let this get out of hand. It's more the poor countries like India that have to fear this the most.
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Jul - News - Ebola spreading in the world New poll - New thread - New reply

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