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05-24-18 01:09:08 AM

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Red Goomba
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From: Lol.

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Posted on 09-08-14 12:13:49 AM Link | Quote
So, I was just making my User Bio, saved, then suddenly it's not there. I'm serious, I came back to the Edit Profile tab, the text is not there anymore. I just shook it off, then created my User Bio again...

2 weeks later, I tried changing the font of my layout. Saved my profile. BOOM, it's gone just like the User Bio. I'm not creating my post header from scratch again. Luckily, my current layout is on the Edit Post page. Copy-pasted. Didn't bother changing my font.

I don't know why this happens, but it only happened twice. Thank God for displaying post header on the Edit Post page. Anyone have similar occurences?
Telling people to kill themselves is no way to be, son.

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From: Lost

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Posted on 08-05-15 04:23:09 AM Link | Quote
The system is bugged I guess... I never have this issue even in this outdated browser.
On IE6, most pages if you scroll down wipe the entire header off the page (except the Art forum and a few threads). Everything else seems to work fine.
Common spammer
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From: Pororoca

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Posted on 08-05-15 01:23:05 PM Link | Quote
It might be another variation of this issue.

It sounds pretty similar, anyway.

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Pronouns: they/them, she/her, etc.

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Posted on 08-09-15 03:08:45 AM Link | Quote
I am, somehow, working on this now, so hopefully in the next few years it will be fixed
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Jul - Meta - Disappearing text New poll - New thread - New reply

Rusted Logic

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