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11-20-18 02:32:34 PM

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Posted on 08-24-14 05:10:02 AM Link | Quote
With all the slowdown that happens when people install many extensions on Firefox, what are those you'd recommend without causing much slowdown?
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Posted on 08-24-14 09:04:13 AM Link | Quote
NoScript and some variant of adblocking that's not the main Adblock Plus branch
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Posted on 08-27-14 05:47:44 AM Link | Quote
Noscipt is totally awesome. Not only does it block ads, it can also block malware.

But I think the slowdown issue is within Firefox itself. For some reason, it lags when it tries to handle too many scripts or a flash for that matter.
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Posted on 08-27-14 01:05:55 PM Link | Quote
All I'm using is AdBlock+ and KeeFox for passwords. And Stylish, for a dark Hitbox theme. Though, having 16GB of RAM also seems to help a little...
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Posted on 11-12-14 02:44:22 PM Link | Quote
Toggle animated GIFs (May interfere with ABP's ability to selectively block things...? I've been having trouble with this on my desktop recently. But not on my netbook, so... what?)

Basically, allows you to toggle playing animated GIFs. They seem abnormally resource-heavy, so I hunted this down. So much less "hunt down what's making Firefox suck up the CPU" since.

(And on some sites, it's basically a goddamn requirement.)
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Posted on 12-14-14 06:33:39 AM (last edited by RanAS at 12-18-14 12:52:59 PM) Link | Quote
I'm not sure it would help remove the slowdown, but I'm sure it wouldn't add to it either. Download Statusbar is an add-on that I used for a while before I switched from Firefox to Opera (Opera Blink is what they call the newer versions). It puts your downloads in a small bar below the page and lets you view their progress and manage it from the page itself. Its quite useful and isn't a heavy add-on, although it may not help you in any way.

You can also go to the Add-ons Manager and set the plugin Shockwave Flash to the option Ask to Activate so it only enables the Flash plugin when you want the website to (may not be very useful, again).

Other than that, I also agree that you should try...

Originally posted by Xenesis
some variant of adblocking that's not the main Adblock Plus branch

...because AdBlock Plus is very resource heavy.
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Jul - Computers and Technology - Recommended Firefox plugins New poll - New thread - New reply

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