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12-13-18 10:34:57 AM

Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Claymates Proto (SNES) New poll - New thread - New reply
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Captain Cupcake
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Posted on 03-25-14 01:22:47 AM (last edited by Captain Cupcake at 03-25-14 01:52:43 AM) Link | Quote
I haven't seen anything on the forum, and there's not a page on the wiki yet. Has anyone done any digging through this yet? I remember touching on it a few years back before I found out about TCRF.

The game is similar to the final version, but there are several key differences that jumped out at me. First is the hud is WAY different from the final. It's really rough, and frankly it's ugly. The sprites for the gems you can pick up are also very different, and again quite ugly. Also there's no sound at all. It's possible that's an emulation error, as I've only tried it in a few different versions of SNES9x, and I wouldn't know what settings to change to see if I could get anything to work, but from what I've seen it's completely silent. One of the bigger things that stood out to me is in the final game after you pick up a form blob if you're already in a form, you get this little floating blob of clay that boomerangs out and acts as a projectile, and also an extra hit. In the proto you get this little fairy that floats about and just disappears if you get hit, similar to Sparx from the Spyro series. In the top-down sections, you can't seem to punch just yet, and I may not be remembering correctly, but I believe in the final you couldn't move diagonally, but you can in the proto.

The first and 2nd level layouts are VERY different, and the game handles a bit differently too. Your base blue form has some crazy momentum, and it's incredibly easy to fling yourself over platforms and into death. There are a lot of power-ups scattered about, but that may be to show off things/test them. I haven't tested the 2 bonus games yet, but at the end of the 2nd level is something really strange. There's this odd pinball game style layout, but if you touch anything in it the game immediately sends you to the credits. If you can make it to the bottom without touching anything, there's a sideview of the robots you use in the puzzle sections, which again I may be wrong, but I don't think were in the final version. But you get stuck in a hole that's too deep to get out of, and near as I can tell there isn't a proper trigger to end the level, so you're just stuck there.

Anyway, that's all the info I've got. I may do up some screenshots later, or possibly a video if you guys want.

I should note, I know absolutely jack all about digging through games code, or finding unused stuff and all that, so I wouldn't begin to know how to look through it. But I imagine there's probably a lot that can be found. Especially with the sound being disabled as it is.

Edit: Holy crap, I just found something awesome! The house doesn't actually have a hitbox. You can walk through it, and there's a cannon above it. Load yourself into the cannon, and you'll be shot back at the beginning, but it changes the stage you can go to. It looks like it takes you to a different stage set each time you load into the cannon. I've only been able to get to the 3rd set, because the 3rd stage, Tea Garden, is completely broken. Still, something worth looking at. The 2nd set, Atlantis, is also pretty borked. There's a spectacularly broken exit in the top right corner of the stage that you can just sort of phase through, and that ends it.

Oh, and I messed around with the bonus levels. Getting 25 gems takes you to the same 16 square bouncing game as before, except your palette is messed up, and winning the game gives you "2ZZZZ" points. Getting all 4 letters takes you to the pinball type bonus level, and it's not completely broke there. Really weird that it's at the end of the 2nd normally playable level though. Even weirder that touching it glitches and goes to the credits. No idea about that.

Oh, and one last thing. Just found this. You can find a few other puzzle sections that are unfinished. Certain walls can be clipped through so you can play with the other stages. Sadly, they all have pretty broken layouts too. Stage 4, Park, in particular. No backround, and all there really is, is some dirt and the gopher form to dig in, but it doesn't lead anywhere. All the enemies and gems are places in the walls/floors, and there's no boundaries on the sides so you can just fall into nothingness. Haven't toyed around with stage 3 much. Also, if you use the cannon to go to Atlantis, then try going to the portals for stages 2, 3, or 4 it takes you to the overworld, but treats it as an actual sidescroller stage. Weirdly enough, all the hit detection works! You can jump on top of things, roll off them, and the game even kills you if you fall off, which is more than I can say for the Park.
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Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Claymates Proto (SNES) New poll - New thread - New reply

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